Lyle McDonald Interview

lyle-mcdonaldIn this episode, I sit down with Lyle Mcdonald, hands down one of the smartest authorities on fitness and nutrition that the world has ever scene. Lyle is notorious for his uncanny ability to make even the most complicated concepts become simply understood and internalized, by anyone.

Moreover, Lyle is also one of the first people to point out that most of the training and diet advice we are exposed to is sublimated to marketing. Being one of the first evidence based writers on the scene, earned him an amazing following and credibility.

Matter of fact, Lyle is the expert who the experts follow and when I was first breaking free of all the myths and nonsenses in the industry 4 years ago, I was heavily digging into Lyle Mcdonald’s site – as well as his extremely thorough research based books.

Lyle is an absolute brilliant mind and I was extremely fortunate to be able to do an interview with him since he rarely does these.

Funny enough, as soon as the interview was initially published on youtube, all the big names in the fitness industry started sharing it like crazy, including Alan Aragon and Dan John. Within a couple days the original video amounted 5000+ views.

If this doesn’t tell you something, I don’t know what will.

A Podcast Of Epic Proportions

In this podcast of epic proportions I pick Lyle’s brain for over an hour. During the course of the interview, we cover how to get lean, deal with psychological stress, bust through plateau’s and build muscle. More importantly, we cover where our focus should be moving forward to breed a society of fit and lean people.

I recommend fastening your seat belts for this episode – Lyle Mcdonald’s brain is on a whole other level and everything he was spewing during the podcast could be printed into a very well written book. In fact, I felt like I was sitting down with the Mike Ross of nutrition and fitness (Suits reference, anyone?).

Here’s the full blown list of what you’ll discover: 

  • How Lyle Mcdonald became one of the most sought after fitness and nutrition experts in the industry
  • The evolution of the nutrition industry over the last half century
  • The real advantage of low carb dieting and how to eat carbs and lose just as much fat
  • How to break through a fat loss plateau by asking yourself the one question that actually matters 
  • How to reprogram your eating habits to get lean
  • The satiety index and how to use it to your advantage to stay full on a diet
  • Why some people lose fat faster on low carbs and other people lose fat faster on high carbs
  • The central question you must ask yourself to lose fat effortlessly
  • Commonalities between successful dieters and yo-yo dieters
  • Why you should be process oriented not goal oriented
  • Why doing aggressive diets initially can lead to better long term results
  • How to use psychological releases to make dieting enjoyable and effortless
  • How to use control systems to eat what you want while reducing calories
  • How steroids and drugs have covered up many training and nutrition mistakes
  • Why lifting heavy with low volume works better than high volume workout routines
  • How to use the concept of adaptational reserves to reach your training goals

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