Nate Miyaki Interview

Nate Miyaki on Intermittent Fasting

Today we sit down for a nice, meaty chat with Nate Miyaki, fitness author, nutrition coach, and writer on some of the biggest fitness sites and magazines in the world.

Today’s topics of discussion: The Nate Miyaki diet plan of intermittent fasting and why Nate Miyaki believes fasting is the most powerful diet strategy there is.

Here’s what Nate Miyaki and I cover:

  • Types of IF
  • Why IF is getting slammed by writers and coaches right now
  • Why old school bodybuilding is incredibly similar to IF in practice, yet vehemently against it
  • Hormonal benefits of fasting
  • Lifestyle benefits
  • Nate’s “Importance Hierarchy” when it comes to what you should put your focus on


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