The Obstacle Is The Way, with Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday is on the show today. For those of you who are familiar with Ryan, you know how big of a treat it is to hear from him.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Ryan, you’re in for an action-packed episode.

Ryan has worked with major New York Times best sellers like Robert Greene, Tim Ferriss, James Altucher, and Tucker Max on their marketing and is responsible for the major surge in American Apparel’s popularity and public perception over the past few years. He has also written for every major online publication and he thoroughly understands how the internet works in terms of media, so much so that he has been coined a “Media Manipulator,” using his insights to his clients’ advantages.

In today’s episode of the Road To Ripped podcast we sit down with Ryan to discuss:

  • His new book, The Obstacle Is The Way
  • Why Marcus Aurelius’ writing still rings true today
  • How to get what you want
  • How the blogosphere and media outlets manipulate you into buying worthless products and believing false information, all for the sake of clicks
  • His old book, Trust Me I’m Lying, and how it applies perfectly to the fitness industry

Noteable quote:

“Shift your worldview so that setbacks or problems are always expected but never permanent. So what impedes us empowers us.”