How to Build the Body of a Greek God

Build the body of a greek god

How to Create the Body of a Greek God

In this podcast episode of epic proportions, Tom and I flesh out how to build the body of a Greek God. This is the classical physique that was modeled in Ancient Greece on statues. It’s also the same very shape that many Hollywood actors strive to achieve for films in which they must look extremely athletic, powerful and of course, awe inspiring.

Unlike an over bulked physique, the Greek God Physique is the type of shape that women find inherently attractive and desirable. Well in this episode, Tom and I showcase exactly what this physique looks like and exactly how to attain it, with a unique strategy of training and dieting.

Delving into deeper waters, we explain exactly why building godlike strength is a necessity for achieving the dense and muscular look of a Greek God. Then we flesh out key strategies and unheard of tactics to allow you to build strength and muscle faster than you could ever imagine, all while staying lean and chiseled.

You’ll Learn How to Tap Into Strength Gains You Never Knew Were Possible 

These are the very tactics that I have used to build up to 150 lbs chin ups* and 315 lbs bench presses at under 8% body fat, among many other feats of strength. This podcast episode is largely based off of the coveted Greek God Program.

*Note: Make sure you use a high-quality weight belt to prevent discomfort and distraction when doing weighted chin-ups.

Greek God Muscle Building Program Review

The very system that has transformed hundreds of men in average shape into the condition and caliber of Hollywood’s fittest (think Brad Pitt in Troy or Daniel Craig in Skyfall). This is of course while attaining very strong lifts (100 lbs + chin ups and 250 lbs incline presses for reps).

If you want to pack on sleek muscle and attain strength and power that is unheard of today, this is a must listen to! This information is largely missing in the fitness industry and it is my drive to teach all men how to build the strength and physique of a Greek God.

Here’s what you’ll learn

  • Key attributes of the Greek God Physique
  • The best exercises to build the Greek God ratio’s
  • Why building strength is the best way to build dense muscle
  • How to add 50 lbs to each of your key lifts in 12 weeks
  • How to build capped shoulders naturally (a key sign of a Greek God Physique)
  • Calorie and macro strategies to build muscle without fat gain
  • The main drivers of muscle growth and why you can build muscle on less calories than you think

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