Rusty Moore on Women’s Training For A Fit, Slim, Sexy, Feminine Physique

Interview with Rusty Moore

In today’s episode of the Road To Ripped podcast, Greg ( and Christopher ( sit down and talk with Rusty Moore of Fitness Black Book for the second time in this long-awaited follow-up to his first interview on the show in May 2013.

We’ve gotten about 1 million emails, seems like it at least ;) from our female listeners about doing another episode for them, so Rusty was more than happy to discuss how he trains his female clients to get that slim, toned, sexy body most women are going for.

BUT if you’re a dude, we know you’ll enjoy this episode as well. We discuss many things that apply to both men and women in training and nutrition – it’s another outstanding all-around episode.

Dear women,

Most trainers in the fitness industry give advice that ends up training you to look like smaller versions of men.

Not cool.

You want to look lean, strong, and feminine.

So you need slightly different training tactics.

Rusty dives into these differences in depth in this episode.

You’ll probably hear him mention the program he wrote called Visual Impact For Women. Here’s a link to it.