The Skinny Fat Solution with Anthony Mychal

Today we sit down with Anthony Mychal to discuss his “skinny fat solution.”

Are you skinny fat?  Statistically there’s a good chance you are, or have been.

This action-packed episode walks you through what to do if you’re skinny fat and looking to build your physique correctly.

You’ll also Learn About:

  • Oatmeal volcanoes
  • The first things to do if you’re skinny fat
  • Should you get lean or build muscle first?
  • IF
  • Nutrient partitioning
  • Gaining muscle slowly
  • Emphasizing strength training while leaning down
  • Balancing heavy lifting with athletic training
  • Strategic dunk/vertical training loads
  • “Lazy” training
  • and much more!

If you’re skinny fat and looking for a comprehensive solution, check out Anthony’s “Skinny Fat Solution” program.

And if you’re looking to bulk, the “Chaos Bulk” is great.

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