The Truth About Why You Can’t Gain Muscle


In this post, I want to talk about the primary reason why people struggle to gain muscle.

I often talk with guys that struggle to put on muscle, who claim to eat a ton of food, they claim to hit the gym religiously, they claim to take all the ‘right’ supplements.

But when you get down to brass tax, they’re missing the most important driver of muscle growth.

What is that driver you ask? Progressive overload. Invariably, when I talk to someone that complains that they can’t gain muscle, they’re not tracking their lifts, and they’re not pushing themselves to lift heavier and heavier weights overtime!

Here’s the deal, if you want to gain muscle, you need to get strong! When you get to 100 lbs chin ups, your back will be huge! When you get your incline bench up to 225 lbs, your chest is going to be rock solid!

A Fail Proof Method To Building Muscle 

This is a fail proof method! There’s simply no way it doesn’t work. When you focus yourself on getting strong, everything else falls into place.

This is why all of my courses are crafted to focus on making as fast strength gains as possible, while providing enough volume to maximize muscle growth.

For instance, my Greek God Program is designed to add about 15 lbs to your ‘key lifts’ per month. If you’re adding 15 lbs to your weighted chin ups and incline presses each month, you’ll be adding dense muscle by the pound.

In fact, here’s one of the latest transformations that was sent to me on my instagram!



In two months Asutosh achieved the following

Bodyweight – 127 – 143 lbs (16 lbs of muscle)

Incline Press – 95 lbs to 135 lbs for 5 reps (40 lbs gained)

Weighted Chins – Bodyweight to 30 lbs for 5 reps (30 lbs gained)

Shoulder Press – 45 lbs to 80 lbs for 5 reps (35 lbs gained)

You can follow the program he was doing here. Asutosh is also heavily active in the private facebook for people following the program. So you can ask him for tips in there.

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