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Tucker Max Podcast

Interview with Tucker Max

Tucker Max, best selling author joins the Road to Ripped Podcast to discuss some incredible topics outside of the realm of fitness and nutrition.

In this juicy hour long podcast of epic proportions you learn first hand:

  • The real qualities that women want in a guy and how to manifest them
  • What romance novels can teach you about being attractive to women
  • Why girls don’t actually like assholes or nice guys and what they want instead
  • How to build real confidence with women or any skill for that manner 
  • Why learning how to fight will completely change your life
  • The best martial arts and combative sports to train in 
  • Why getting into real life fights is stupid 99.99% of the time
  • How to get yourself out of any fight without looking obsequious 
  • How to deal with cops to get yourself out of a ton of shit (Tucker has been arrested 50x and never charged with anything)

Watch the Video Here

More on Tucker Max

Tucker has wrote such best selling ‘fratire’ books as I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, Assholes Finish First & Hilarity Ensues. I have read each one of his books cover to cover and have never in my life been so thoroughly entertained and engrossed from any piece of literature.

Currently, Tucker Max is running the Mating Grounds Podcast with a world renowned evolutionary psychologist. The Mating Grounds Podcast is dedicated to teaching men everything they need to know about sex, dating and women.

For guys looking to get better with women I definitely recommend checking out the Mating Grounds Podcast. It is a fun, valuable and evidence based resource and Tucker has great insight.

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