Why Cheat Days Are a Bad Idea & What to Do Instead

Why Cheat Days are Bad

In this short video/podcast, you’ll learn why cheat days are a bad idea for achieving a great physique. As well, I’ll tell you what you should do instead.

Some really important topics I address, include:

  • Do cheat days really boost your metabolism
  • Do prolonged low calories causes a drop in metabolism and activity level
  • Why cheat days cause a one step forward, one step back phenomenon
  • Why cheat days cause you to hate life and feel miserable 
  • Why cheat days stop you from learning how to stay lean and enjoy life
  • The difference between refeed days and cheat days
  • How you can eat whatever you want everyday and drop fat
  • Why you should start having ‘free meal’s to drop fat and enjoy life 
  • The importance of learning how to enjoy life without going over maintenance calories

If you want to learn more about the Aggressive Fat Loss Program that I reference in the video, go here.

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