The 4 Most Vital Collagen Ingredients For Bodybuilders and Athletes

Collagen is a crucial protein that our bodies naturally create and that literally holds our body together, plus…

It’s the most abundant protein found throughout your body.

Your organs, muscles, skin, hair, blood vessels, tendons, joints… the works.

Collagen has been through many scientific studies and has been recently suggested that collagen can help you with:

  • Weight management … [1]
  • Gaining more muscle… [2]
  • Protecting your joints and bones, and… [3]
  • Improving your digestion… [4]

Making it an amazing supplement for athletes and bodybuilders to build muscle, recover faster between training sessions and improve their athletic and physique results.

As if that wasn’t already enough…

Recent research has shown that we can further increase the benefits of collagen by adding 4 key ingredients.

1. Grass-Fed Protein

Most conventional store-bought whey protein often comes with many unwanted digestive side effects such as:

  • Bloating…
  • Gas, and…
  • Stomach cramps…

So, when you’re able to add grass-fed protein to collagen…

You get a more premium-quality ingredient since it’s derived under stricter standards, and… [5]

Still get to keep all the amazing benefits that whey protein provides without any of those unpleasant side effects.

Not to mention it’s also free of toxins like antibiotics, steroids, and pesticides.

And, best of all, grass-fed protein is the core ingredient that provides benefits such as:

  • Improved muscle recovery…
  • Heart health…
  • Increased muscle mass, and…
  • It may even help improve your metabolism

2. Bovine Gelatin Hydrolysate

As bodybuilders go through intense workouts, sometimes the cartilage in your joints may get damaged and cause pain, decreased joint mobility, or chronic inflammation [6]…

Bovine Gelatin has been shown to potentially protect against any cartilage damage. [7]

Another great benefit of using gelatin is that it’s rich in amino acid glycine and helps balance our amino acid intake. [8]

Since collagen makes up around 50% OF THE WHOLE BODY, gelatin is a great way to ensure that our body creates a complete protein balance.

Which when not balanced, can lead to inflammation, plus…

It also has the following benefits:

  • It provides a healthy dose of types 1 and 3 collagen, the main components of skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and blood vessels.
  • All types of collagen are good for your health. The absorption rate of hydrolyzed collagen is said to be OVER 90% as compared to only 27% or less in food.
  • Promotes to help you lower collagen levels, may decrease visible signs of aging, may prevent bone loss, and improve skin health.

3. MCT Powder

MCT powder is perfect for adding an INSTANT SOURCE OF ENERGY to your body and mood so that you can get a quick energy boost right before your workouts.

It’s also great for improving digestion and nutrient absorption because the MCT powder allows the gut to balance out bacteria.

This has positive effects on your digestive symptoms, energy output, and the ability to better absorb vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat.[9]

But to make sure your body can absorb as many nutrients as possible, healthy fats are required to absorb fat-soluble nutrients found in plants like berries, squash, and leafy greens.

Without these healthy fats, your body won’t be able to absorb as many nutrients from these foods meaning that your body won’t be able to perform as well as it needs to when it comes to working out and muscle recovery.

Another great benefit of MCT powder is that it helps with weight loss, but more importantly…


Which is great to ensure that your body doesn’t fluctuate much in weight when you’re really trying to hit your bodybuilding goals.

It’s able to do this because of the unique ability to be processed by the liver directly into energy which makes it a great carbohydrate substitute for preventing spikes in insulin used for glucose processing.

4. Monk Fruit Extract

FUN FACT: Monk Fruit has been shown to promote weight loss because it has zero calories, carbs, or fat.

This means Monk Fruit prevents any type of weight gain from happening and is the perfect treat replacement for a sweet tooth since it already contains natural sweeteners. [10]


You can avoid consuming unnecessary amounts of calories from sugar and carbs by simply substituting monk fruit sweetener for any typical table sugar in your meals.

Monk Fruit also contains Anti-inflammatory properties which protect the body from tissue damage and keep blood sugar levels stable.

Another awesome benefit that this ingredient has is that it supplies the body with beneficial vitamins and minerals such as…

  • Mogrosides I-V compounds that help control diabetes as well as inflammation, and…
  • Vitamin C in the fruit can stimulate the production of white blood cells thus boosting the overall immunity of the body.

Hopefully, by now you can see how combining collagen protein and these 4 ingredients together creates an amazing supplement that can help improve athletes’ or bodybuilders’ performances.

The problem is…

There aren’t any collagen protein supplements that have this perfect mixture of ingredients.

Except for one.

A Collagen Protein Supplement Like No Other…

KINO COLLAGEN PROTEIN has ingredients that are scientifically backed and superior to any other form of protein available on the market.

We’ve ensured that our Collagen Protein Supplement is directly created for bodybuilders who want to keep training hard and pushing their limits so that they can build awe-inspiring physiques.

Taking Kino Collagen Protein daily will allow you to:

  • Promote bigger and stronger muscles…
  • Enhance joints, tissue, and cartilage health…
  • Improve gut health…
  • Improve muscle recovery…
  • Reduce inflammation…
  • Easily maintain your desired weight…
  • Get a quick energy boost before your workouts…
  • And much more!

Regardless of how you like to consume this supplement, make these 4 key ingredients a staple in your regimen to make every workout, your best workout.

You’ll notice drastic improvements in the gym, in your health, and your wellbeing.

KINO COLLAGEN PROTEIN has ingredients that are scientifically backed and superior to any other form of protein available on the market.

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