Michelle’s Success Tips for The Goddess Toning Program

With so many ladies interested in what Kinobody is all about, we thought we’d bring you some more motivation by another one of our Goddesses.

Meet 27 year old Michelle Boucher from Sunbury, Ontario, Canada.

She is currently finishing nursing school and says this in part helped trigger her transformation.


Being involved in healthcare was a reminder to her that she had to eat well and exercise in order to truly be healthy, and she definitely did not want to be an overweight nurse giving diet and wellness advice.

Growing up, Michelle says she was average weight. Like many girls, her weight fluctuated and she became thin in high school and college.

From there, it was the small choices that helped her slowly put the pounds on.

Now married, Michelle says fast food had become more regular than a treat for her and her husband. Some foods had even become addicting.

Eventually it was her husband who started doing research and came across Kinobody on YouTube.

Michelle began watching Greg O’Gallagher’s videos and was immediately inspired by his mantra that women should be strength training without fear of “getting bulky”. She also liked that it was science-based and took a minimalistic approach.

Although she debated waiting until the new year, Michelle took the plunge in mid-October and signed up for the Kinobody Goddess Toning Program. Starting right away helped her feel like she got a head start, and made her feel more ready to make a lasting change.


“Going to the gym at first was a foreign thing to me”

She admits she was nervous and stuck to the women’s section of the gym.

But it was her husband who convinced her to work out with him in the free weight section, and over time, she became more comfortable with it.

Eventually, Michelle began recognizing the gym-goers around her and was able to more confidently claim her space lifting weights.


Focusing on strength training was new to Michelle. She was unsure on what “making gains” was supposed to feel like, and at what pace she was supposed to move up with weights.

Was she supposed to see progress every week?

Michelle realized, however, that her strength increased slowly over time as she made all the small lifestyle changes to go with it…

“Everything is a process.”

Another struggle Michelle admits to having and is still working on is meeting her protein goals.

She began by using MyFitnessPal but eventually stopped using it as often, making her protein intake more difficult to track. Michelle says being more attentive to her macros is one of her future goals.

Michelle says socializing can be tricky, as well. The holidays for her were filled with many of her favorite foods such as cheese, salami, and alcoholic beverages.

Although she did gain a little bit of weight over that time, she was able to bounce back afterward and continue the program because she continued to exercise and make healthy choices, foregoing the all-or-nothing approach.


goddess success story

1) Make it fun and don’t be too structured.

2) Make the gym a sauna experience; bring your brush, soaps, lotions etc. Bring your things and make yourself comfortable.

3) Get creative in the kitchen. Buy herbs and spices and find ways to make your meals tasty without adding calories. Google recipes and try something new.

4) Put Greek yogurt, raspberries, and crushed pistachios with popsicle sticks in lollipop molds and put them in the freezer.

5) Look forward to your coffee in the morning- for Michelle it was a French Press that made the difference.

6) Have a good support system, either friends or family.

7) Meditate – Michelle suggests a meditation app called ‘Calm’ which she uses in the sauna after the gym.

8) Listen to motivational podcasts at the gym, such as Tim Ferris, Tony Robbins, or Greg O’Gallagher’s.

9) Journal – this helps mitigate anxiety and helps her sleep better.


Weight loss is not linear, don’t be so hard on yourself.

“Self-esteem is such a big problem for women, we’re very critical of ourselves. It’s important to take that time and look inward and feel good. And to remember that life is a journey”.

Michelle admits at the beginning, her motivation for change was very superficial and was about making physical change.

But over time, after immersing in completely transforming herself, it became more about the journey.

The loss of her 17 year old cousin in a tragic accident two years ago helped motivate her, as well. He was someone she describes as having a lot of ‘gusto for life’, and often wears the t-shirt her family made in his honor. It reads “Do it for the Story”.

Now, Michelle and her husband are making strides together and enjoying the story.

On the Aggressive Fat Loss program, her husband has lost 70lb and continues to be very dedicated. She says he continues to propel them forward and is a huge factor in her motivation.

“We are high-fiving at the gym- it’s been a great couple’s experience.”


Starting weight: 193lb
Current weight: 160lb

Although 135lb is ideal for her height, Michelle reports the number on the scale is arbitrary, and her final goal may change depending on how she feels. She says her goals are evolving.

If she feels she needs to gain some weight in muscle, she will. If she feels she needs to lose more weight and lean out a bit more, she will continue on and do that too.

“You don’t need to be athletic to be fit. I was not athletic growing up, me and sports didn’t work out. But I love going to the gym. Anyone can start liking it because you start to gain balance and coordination and strength on your own time.”

Thank you Michelle for sharing your story with us!

Look out for our next Goddess Toning Program Interview as we continue to share your stories and inspire you to get fit, build that feminine curve, and change your life.

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