Hip Thrust For A Tight Butt

Hips thrusts are one of the newest additions to the standard booty-building regimen thanks to Bret Contreras getting creative in the gym circa 2006. Ever since, women everywhere have been looking for help simplifying the process (and getting into that somewhat awkward position). While hip thrusts are undeniable glute blasters, the added benefit is strengthening…

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Michelle’s Success Tips for The Goddess Toning Program

goddess success story

With so many ladies interested in what Kinobody is all about, we thought we’d bring you some more motivation by another one of our Goddesses. Meet 27 year old Michelle Boucher from Sunbury, Ontario, Canada. She is currently finishing nursing school and says this in part helped trigger her transformation. HOW IT ALL STARTED Being…

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The Most Important Strategy For Sexier Curves


Gaining inspiration from fellow members is what these Kinobody blog interviews are all about… Meet Tessa Plickebaum – she’s a 23 year old personal trainer from St. Louis, Missouri who has been following the Goddess Toning program for over 6 months now: Tessa came across the Goddess Toning Program when a mutual friend liked a…

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Following the Progress of a Goddess: Micayla Oniskey

Podcast Summary I think it’s important for you Goddesses to hear each other’s stories, be in touch with each other, grow together, and support one another. That’s why we’re starting these Goddess video blogs: I want you to hear from members like yourself who are working the program, having daily troubles, finding solutions, and making…

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A Simple Guide To Body Genetics (And How They Affect Your Health)

Genetics determine body shape

  How many of you have been here before? You start a new fitness program and you’re completely committed, determined to make this the one that sticks. You buy new sneakers, cute workout clothes, and make your grocery lists religiously. You get to the gym, sweat a lot, hurt a lot, eat clean, say no…

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Healthy Weight Loss For Women – The Ultimate Guide


You can eat as much as you want while losing weight, as long as it’s healthy… Meat will cause you to gain weight… You have to eat every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism up… Carbs will make you fat… These are just some of the misconceptions on weight loss I heard at work in…

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