Thoughts on Low Carb Ketogenic Diets for Fat Loss

A low carb ketogenic diet for fat loss may work for you, but for me and the many others, not in the least.

I recently was asked to do a speech at my good friend’s business summit, Real Social Dynamics.

What I really enjoy is answering your questions and turning that into the topic of me speaking. And in this short clip from the event, I cover my thoughts on a low carb/ketogenic diet for fat loss.

This Will Guarantee That You’ll Always Burn Fat

This entire fitness thing and building an amazing body is actually quite simple. It truly is. And that’s one of the underlying goals of Kinobody.

But we have been fed many lies over and over again, complicating things.

The fact of the matter is, you can eat anything you want and still lose weight.

Granted, you must be in a calorie deficit.

Take someone who is stranded on an island for example. Without enough food, their body will begin to dissolve away.

It’s the law of thermodynamics (Study). If you eat less calories than your body burns, it has no choice but to begin tapping into its fat stores for energy.

How To Fit Carbs Into Your Diet

Are you never going to eat carbs again? Chances are, probably not. I actually do best when I diet if I’m able to fit some chocolate into my daily calories.

You need to find what works for you. I believe Kinobody has cracked the code to effortlessly losing fat and building an incredible physique. Let’s face it, you should not be counting down the days like you’re locked away in a prison cell while dieting. You’re only human and will soon crack.

That’s not enjoyable. And it’s surely not sustainable, so how would you stay in that shape?

Being able to eat your favorite foods while stripping away body fat is the number one reason people get insane results with the Kinobody courses.

Take the Aggressive Fat Loss Program for example. We’re pushing fat loss to the absolute limits and people still don’t feel like they are dieting.

Michael Z.

*Your results may vary. Testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.


*Your results may vary. Testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

That’s what I’m talking about. Finding what works for you and building that into a lifestyle that you don’t even have to think about. Building an incredible body then becomes second nature to you.

Your Nutrition Is A Full-Time Job

Now, from my experience with clients and hearing feedback from those following the programs, the majority don’t do well on low carbs.

And it’s for good reason. I do best when eating a moderate amount of protein and fill up with plenty of carbs and fats.

Carbs and fats are very important to include to make your diet enjoyable. And not only that, carbs are going to support the release of neurotransmitters that support cognitive function, mood, and sleep. Not to mention that carbs also support testosterone and training performance.

Personally, when I tried to go low carb in the past, my sex drive plummeted, I couldn’t sleep at night, and I was constantly miserable.

What losing body fat ultimately comes down to is finding the food choices that keep you the most satisfied. Then simply fitting them into your calorie deficit for fat loss.

This allows you to craft the perfect plan that works for you. One that makes building the body of your dreams the awesome process it should be.

Your Kino Question For The Day: What are your experiences with going on a low-carb diet? What macro split do you like best? Let me know in the comments below.

Need help getting started? Assess your current physique with the Kinobody Physique Survey so I can help you choose the best path to your goals.

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