How To Drop Fat While Eating Out And Traveling

I’ve been in Los Angeles for the last two weeks…. My Road to Ripped cohost, Christopher Walker, and I, decided to rent a place in Los Angeles for a month to work on projects and of course, finally meet in person. So far the trip has been an absolute blast. We’ve recorded tons of RTR…

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Kinobody Results

How to Build Strength while Getting Lean Part Two – Nutrition

In the last article I talked about five workout strategies to consistently gain strength throughout a fat loss phase. This is the protocol I use with myself and my clients to lean down to a low body fat with hard, dense and powerful muscle and a chiseled look. Now in this article I will be sharing…

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The Art of Building Strength While Getting Lean

In the last article I discussed the Kinobody Lean Bulk Guide To Adding Muscle While Staying Lean. This is great to use if you’re already pretty lean, in the 7-12% body fat range, and want to start packing on muscle. However, some of you are probably not quite content with your current level of definition…

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How to Dress with Style for the Kinobody Physique

Editors Note: Kinobody introduces guest author, Nicolas from Kinowear to talk about dressing with style when you’re rocking a lean and muscular physique. I’m actually very excited to share this article with you because I feel that dressing properly is very, very important. You can put a lot of work into developing a totally incredible…

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Body Language Examples

How to Boost Confidence with Alpha Body Language

Assuming powerful stances and poses greatly influences the way that people perceive you. In fact, the way you feel inside directly manifests outwards by the way your carry yourself, aka your body language. If you’re feeling shy, insecure and timid, naturally you will take up less space and everyone around you will pick up on…

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how to lean bulk

The Kinobody Lean Bulk Guide

  In the midst of fall we are entering a time known amongst most fitness circles as bulking season. This is when everyone decides they want to pack on muscle and aren’t afraid to gain a little fat in the process. And so as the temperatures drop the calories rise and the bulk fest commences.…

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standing press workout

The Standing Overhead Press – The Ultimate Shoulder Exercise

The standing overhead press is a measure of true upper body strength! In the old school strength training days, the standing press was known as the king of all exercises. If someone wanted to know how strong you were, they’d ask you how much you could press overhead. The standing overhead press requires extremely powerful…

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how to get laid

Using Social Momentum to Enter into the Flow State

Van Wilder maintains a heightened emotional state of effortless attraction by always being the life of the party and keeping his energy high Entering Into the Flow State In the first couple lifestyle posts I talked about taking action, misidentifying from the mind and entering a state of deep presence. This is some really powerful…

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