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Why You Should Stop Dieting

Sometimes the best thing you can ever do to breakthrough a fat loss plateau is to stop trying to lose fat. Sounds paradoxical but let me explain. I often see a scenario where someone will be determined to get to a low body fat percentage. They make great progress up to a certain point and…

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chris evans shirtless workout

How to Bench with Proper Technique to Build a Powerful Chest and Godlike Strength

Bench Press Form: What Not to Do Incline benching and flat benching are my two favorite chest exercises! Simply, with proper technique these two movements can build an absolutely phenomenal chest and godlike upper body pressing power. Unfortunately 90% of guys, if not more, that I see benching are doing it entirely wrong, yet they…

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Introduction to Social Dynamics, Living in the Moment and Taking Right Action

Sex, style, success, social dynamics, living in the moment and taking action are all skills that I am deeply interested in and ones I am actively levelling up! And yes, I have no shame. I am here to create the life I want and will do so unapologetically. I am fully transparent about the life…

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Tension Flexibility Training for a Healthy, Supple & Functional Body

Building a strong, muscular and chiseled physique is definitely the primary focus of kinobody fitness and with this attainment, you will look fantastic and you’ll have plenty of real-world strength and functionality. However, if you don’t utilize key flexibility movements, it’s likely you will experience nagging joint pain and become stiff and prone to injury. Now…

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Solid Diet And Nutrition Tips To Getting Ripped After you watch the video, head over to to check out what’s coming up… Now let’s talk about the BIG problem with most people’s nutrition when it comes to getting ripped: The current mainstream nutrition wisdom is making it next to impossible to lose fat and get lean. Instead of tracking our calorie intake…

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How To Workout To Get A Lean And Chiseled Body Click Here To Go To (opens a new window) Training To Get Lean And Chiseled When the goal is to achieve a highly lean and defined state, training must be aimed at maintaining strength and muscle mass, while undergoing a calorie deficit to burn fat. That is the key! Unfortunately, most people kick…

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Henry Cavill Kino Workout

The Henry Cavill Workout for Man of Steel

I am thoroughly impressed with Henry Cavill’s physical condition for the Man of Steel film. The Henry Cavill Workout for Man of Steel allowed him to lean bulk the way it’s supposed to be done; he added muscle to the right areas while keeping his body fat under 10%. The Henry Cavill workout also allowed…

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Kinobody Transformations! I Hate It When I Lose My Cheese Grater And Have To Use My Abs

Kinobody Workout Transformations Screw building mass! Nothing trumps a well muscled physique with chiseled abs, pecs and an angular face.  In this post I am going to share with you two awesome kinobody transformations! In both cases these men lost considerable body fat revealing insane muscle tone. Abs became permanently visible and jaw lines became…

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