How To Workout To Get A Lean And Chiseled Body

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Training To Get Lean And Chiseled

When the goal is to achieve a highly lean and defined state, training must be aimed at maintaining strength and muscle mass, while undergoing a calorie deficit to burn fat. That is the key! Unfortunately, most people kick up the lifting volume and cardio sessions when aiming to get cut. This is a recipe for over-training and strength and muscle loss.

You see, as a natural, your body is only good at doing one thing at a time. When you’re performing a high number of workouts, exercises and sets, your body has to replenish itself from all the glycogen depleting training. It also needs to adapt to handle such a high work load. As a natural lifter, these two requirements impede your ability to build strength and rebuild muscle fibers.

When you throw yourself into a calorie deficit, your body has no chance at recovering. A calorie deficit is also a recovery deficit. Therefore, when cutting, the goal should be to reduce training volume to the absolute essential.

Lift only three times per week, four to five exercises and two to three sets per movement. Reps should be in the 4-10 rep range with long rest periods for maximum strength potential.

If you’re maintaining your strength throughout a cut, then you are maintaining muscle mass while getting leaner. This is what creates the hard and dense look, and training only 3 times per week helps with this big time.

What most people don’t realize is that you can’t train the fat off and you can’t train your muscles to become ripped. Fat loss is really all about nutrition. You can do tons of intervals, CrossFit and P90X, but if you’re not tracking your calorie and macro nutrient intake, it’s likely that all of this exercise is going to result in a greater appetite, off setting the calories burned entirely.

(This becomes especially true when you start to break under 12-15% body fat and your body becomes more sensitive to calorie deficits.)

Furthermore, you can’t make a muscle more defined. You can make it bigger or smaller and you can make the fat covering the muscle greater or lesser. Being absolutely lean and chiseled requires that you build up a solid amount of strength and muscle while keeping fat to an absolute minimum. The most effective way to go about doing this is to focus on solid strength training to build strength and muscle, and let your nutrition handle most of fat loss.

It’s really as simple as that, but don’t make it out to be easy! The lifts should be done with maximum effort. That means you’re striving to get as many reps as possible with a heavy weight. Very few people actually know what it feels like to do this. You must create maximum tension in your muscles and fight to get every last rep. This is something that you will hone through consistent training and striving for weekly personal records.

Besides this, all of your progress is going to come down to nutrition. Staying in a calorie deficit to force your body into burning fat while hitting the appropriate number of macros. The next article will be dedicated to this very subject.

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