In-Depth Bulletproof Coffee Review

In this post, I want to dive head first into a bulletproof coffee review and flesh out a question I get asked all the time – is Bulletproof coffee bad for you?

To kick off the bulletproof coffee review, let’s answer the question: what is bulletproof coffee? At it’s core, bulletproof coffee is some glorified coffee with the addition of 2-3 tablespoons of grass fed butter and 1-2 tablespoons of high octane MCT oil.

So essentially, what you’re doing is adding 360-600 calories of pure fat to your morning coffee. The idea is to improve fat burning and mental clarity.

Now that we understand what exactly bulletproof coffee is, let’s get into the meat of the bulletproof coffee review!

Fat Loss Is About The Calorie Deficit

Now as we know quite well, fat loss is all about finding the most enjoyable way to eat at a calorie deficit. Stuffing 400-600 calories of pure fat in your coffee to lose MORE fat seems backwards to me.

A better bet would be to actually do intermittent fasting. You know, just stick to water and black coffee and create a calorie deficit.

That way, you’ll have way more room to enjoy epic meals later in the day. Because, after all, the 3-6 tablespoons of pure fat actually has calories.

The Negative Effect Of Fat On Growth Hormone

Another huge issue with putting fat in your coffee is that it blunts growth hormone secretion. You see, intermittent fasting has been shown to increase growth hormone by up to a staggering 2000%.

This large increase in growth hormone helps increase fat mobilization and preserve muscle protein. This is also one of the reasons that intermittent fasting is so effective.

Well, fat increases a growth hormone inhibiting hormone called Somatostatin.

People think fat mobilization is all about low insulin levels. As it turns out, low insulin isn’t enough to maximize fat mobilization. You also need elevated growth hormone.

Is Bulletproof Coffee Bad For You?

Bulletproof coffee isn’t necessarily bad for you, but it does make weight loss way harder! I have often worked with people that couldn’t lean down on Bulletproof coffee. In many cases, they actually gained weight. This is of little to no surprise to me.

The true benefits of intermittent fasting come when you actually fast. That means zero calories! Sparkling water and black coffee are great appetite suppressants during the fast.

There’s no need to waste 60g of fat in your coffee. You should naturally be able to experience an incredible hunger blunting sensation and laser focus with real intermittent fasting.

This comes down to triggering the sympathetic nervous system, which happens naturally during intermittent fasting. When you’re operating in the sympathetic nervous system, you are alert, focused and highly energetic.

Your body isn’t allocating any energy to digestion – all your resources and energy can be honed in on exactly what you’re doing.

This is what Ori Hofmekler talks about in the Warrior Diet. And pretty much everyone I have talked to that is doing my courses has noticed the incredible state of being fasted.

Bulletproof Coffee vs Regular Coffee

To finish off my bulletproof coffee review, I’m going to compare bulletproof coffee to plain old regular, black coffee.

Here’s the deal – it took me about five brutal years of struggling finally crack the code. What code is that? Being able to eat to complete and absolute fulfillment while staying near shredded.

There is no way in hell I could stay lean or even consistently drop fat if I was drinking bulletproof coffee by putting 300-500 (or more) calories of fat in my coffee. No question about it.

If you really want to get lean with ease, you’re going to need to start doing real intermittent fasting and drinking your coffee black (my favorite is Fasting Fuel)

This is the shape I maintained while in LA – gorging twice per day (and enjoying alcohol, of course). That’s my friend Andrea Cristina by the way. She’s a awesome girl and is mega huge on Instagram. (I’ve been helping her with her fitness game.)

Coffee and fasting



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