Learn How to Lean out Effortlessly

How to lean out and build an Incredible Physique

Building a great physique comes down to two things: achieving a great level of muscle development and learning how to lean out properly. When you have very little fat on your body, that’s when you have insane definition.

Your face is chiseled and angular, your muscle appear hard and well-developed, you have more muscle separation because there’s no fat blurring definition (so they start to pop).

Think of hollywood actors with amazing physiques… Invariably they all have an extremely low body fat.

How to lean out

How to Lean Out Fast and Achieve Low Body Fat

Achieving a low body fat comes down to eating at a calorie deficit. When you consume less calories than your body burns, it’s forced to tap into body fat for fuel.

As long as you consume sufficient protein and perform a few strength training sessions each week, you will maintain your hard earned muscle!

Being in a calorie deficit is the cardinal rule of fat loss. That being said, you can still eat foods you enjoy, provided that you’re in a deficit. And actually, if you’re eating a diet that isn’t rewarding, one that’s bland and boring, you’re going to make life harder.

This is because you’re going to get cravings, you’re going to drain your willpower reserves fighting those cravings – and in the end, you’re going to cheat.

…And that guilt is going to cause you to go out of control!

One of the best realizations is this – if you’re smart about your dieting, you can include your favorite foods into your diet while still being in a calorie deficit!

This is why people love my courses. They finish the day eating frozen yogurt ice cream and they wake up leaner!

How to Lean out Strategy: Intermittent Fasting

I teach people how to lean out fast with intermittent fasting… We’re always told we need to eat frequently to keep our metabolism running! Interestingly enough, the research doesn’t support that in the least.

Instead, eating more frequently may increase hunger and your desire to eat. This makes it a hell of a lot harder to drop fat and maintain a low body fat.

When you learn how to do intermittent fasting (which has profound health benefits besides), getting lean is a breeze. Also, if you’re wondering how to lean out without losing muscle, intermittent fasting is perfect because it boosts growth hormone which spares muscle protein and increases fat mobilization.

We Are Programmed to Fast During the Day

Now, think about this for a second… We still have the same genetic code as our hunter gather ancestors, who had to hunt and forage during the day, with little to no food.

Our body is designed to thrive in a fasted state:

Fasting triggers the sympathetic system, which makes you feel alert, focused and energetic.

Contrarily, when you eat a big meal, you trigger the parasympathetic system. You feel relaxed, sleepy and happy! This is why our body is hardwired to fast during the day and feast later in the day.

Furthermore, when you fast during the day, you create a huge calorie buffer so you can eat a ton of food later in the day, while still dropping fat.

This is when building an amazing physique is effortless; you don’t have to rely on tons of cardio. All you have to do is do some intermittent fasting, eat to your hearts content and get into the gym and do some proper lifting!

Concluding Thoughts

I hope you found this post on how to lean out helpful.

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