Intermittent Fasting: Skipping Breakfast or Dinner?

A recent question I was asked on my Instagram was: which is better, skipping breakfast or dinner while doing Intermittent Fasting?

Now ultimately, building a great physique comes down to hitting your calories and macros and finding the most enjoyable way to do so…

So on one level, my answer would be – follow the protocol that is most enjoyable to hit your calories. If you find it’s more enjoyable to eat a big breakfast and lunch and skip dinner, do that!

Contrarily, if you find it’s much more enjoyable to be skipping breakfast, then go ahead and keep SKIPPING BREAKFAST

Skipping breakfast and weight loss

Will skipping breakfast help lose weight?

I largely feel that the majority of people will experience the greatest results by skipping breakfast to lose weight… This is why in all of my courses, I teach people to do intermittent fasting by pushing their first meal 4-6+ hours after rising.

You see, first thing in the morning, your body is primed to burn fat for fuel. Insulin levels are low, growth hormone is starting to climb, and cortisol is elevated.

Cortisol combined with low insulin is actually a good thing since it helps mobilize body fat. Cortisol is only problematic when it’s chronically high.

Moreover, cortisol and elevated insulin don’t go well together… Which is why it makes the most sense to eat more food later in the day, when cortisol naturally falls.

Skipping Breakfast Effects

Skipping Breakfast

While skipping breakfast for weight loss, you can use caffeine strategically to blunt appetite, making intermittent fasting effortless.

What’s more, skipping breakfast makes you highly productive. You simply can start conquering your day, without having to be slowed down by preparing and eating food.

Finally, my personal favorite, skipping breakfast allows you the freedom, to eat like a king at night and sleep like a baby…

Final Points

I definitely feel most people will get the best results skipping breakfast. That said, if you happen to prefer eating a big breakfast, and skipping dinner, go for it. That can work too, if you hit your calories and macros!

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