Best Exercise for Rear Delts

The rear delts are a very important muscle that most people overlook. If you neglect your rear deltoids, your shoulder and back development will never be complete. More importantly, you’ll also be at risk of shoulder injury.

Not to mention, strengthening your rear delts is a great way to improve posture. Great posture is so important in portraying confidence and positive energy to those around you.

If you haven’t read my article: How to Get Big Shoulders Without Steroids – The Magic of Heavy Overhead Pressing this will be the bread and butter of your shoulder development.

The fact of the matter is, building great shoulders comes down to…

  1. Getting really strong at overhead pressing (reverse pyramid style)
  2. Getting in a lot of volume on lateral raises (rest pause style)

But like we just mentioned, you cannot neglect your rear delts, they are what tie everything together.

Here are a couple pictures of my back development. Draw your attention to the back of the shoulders, this is where the rear delts are located. Well developed rear delts will give your shoulders the round and full look.

Back Development Double Biceps Back Flex

This Is Best Exercise For Rear Delts

The best rear delts exercise is the suspension band face pull + external rotation. No other exercise activates my rear delts to the same degree as the suspension band rear delt exercise. You can perform this exercise by hooking up suspension bands to any high stable point.

How To Fit This Rear Delt Exercise Into Your Workout Routine

I recommend performing 3-4 sets of this exercise for 15-20 reps 2x per week. After a few short weeks you’ll start to notice the difference in your shoulder development, shoulder health and overall posture.

This exercise could also replace the bent over flyes in the Greek God Workout B routine.

If you don’t have access to one of these suspension bands, you could always do bent over dumbbell flyes, cuban presses, or facepulls to effective build your rear delts.

Your Kino Question For The Day: How can you use this exercise to improve your rear delts? Do you currently train your rear delts specifically? Let me know in the comments below.