Biceps Training: Why I Do a Natural Sway During Standing Curls


In this video, I give you an inside look into some of my biceps training. I decided to share this video on Kinobody, because there’s a very important point.

Perfect form isn’t necessarily, being extremely strict. It’s training in the way that places maximum tension on the muscle, while allowing for optimal strength gain, and of course, limiting the risk of injury.

During standing curls, I recommend using a natural sway. If you try to keep your body completely still, you won’t be able to go very heavy and you’ll find it extremely difficult to add weight.

The reason is simple: the weight will force your body down. It’s physics. Using a natural sway allows you to put greater tension on your biceps.

And most importantly, it’s much easier to get stronger with this type of form! So by using this form, you’ll actually experience greater strength gains and progressive overload. Remember, progressive overload is the main driver of muscle growth.

Quick Note – A natural sway will not increase your risk for injury. Excessive hoisting, jerking and arching, however, will.

Is The Sway Necessary On Standing Curls?

A few months ago, I was working out with my good buddy Brandon Carter. He was tearing up my form! He definitely prefers to do strict standing curls. To each their own…

He posted a video of us working out and his entire following was tearing me up! Well, I swindled the audience with the following comment!

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 5.07.13 PM

Do You Know Exactly What Proper Form Is?

Lifting with proper form is definitely very important… But proper form isn’t always what you think. It’s not necessarily being extremely strict.

Sometimes proper form is more of a natural movement! Just make sure, that you’re not jerking or hyperextending during standing curls. The idea is maximum tension on the biceps.

A natural sway is good. Hoisting and jerking is not! Now, most of my training is relatively strict, especially with the presses! But even on the presses, I often see people make the mistake, of not getting their shoulders back and chest up!

This creates a shelf between the bench and their low back. This is what you want – it will allow for better chest activation and more shoulder safety. I explain this concept in this post: Bench Press Form.

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