Bodyfat % – Does it even matter?


Does Body Fat % Matter?

In the fitness industry everyone seems be tied up over bodyfat percentages.

People are always asking:

  • Whats your bodyfat%?
  • What bodyfat% do you think I am?
  • How low does your bodyfat% have to be to see your abs?
  • What does 6% bodyfat look like?
  • What does 8% bodyfat look like ?
  • What does 10% bodyfat look like?

Well bodyfat% is a highly overrated way to gauge your level of leanness.

For example here is a video I recently took to display my level of definition:

What do you think my bodyfat % is here?

6% bodyfat?

8% bodyfat?

10% bodyfat?


The answer is 12.9% bodyfat. This was measured from hydrostatic bodyfat testing (The most accurate form of bodyfat testing)

What’s my point?

It doesn’t matter what your bodyfat % is. 12.9% is by no means low but somehow I look super defined. The point is that you could look totally different than someone else at identical bodyfat percentages. So who cares if your 5% or 15%! As long as you look good that’s what matters.

Another problem with measuring bodyfat % is that it is never going to be 100% accurate. There are so many variables that influence the result so you’ll never get your actual bodyfat %. In addition there are so many different methods to measure your bodyfat % and it is very possible that you will get totally different numbers depending on which one you do.

When is measuring bodyfat% useful?

Measuring your bodyfat% can be useful if used for tracking progress. Whether its accurate or not if your bodyfat % is going down on the machine than you know your making progress. If your going to use bodyfat testing to track progress just make sure you use the exact same bodyfat testing system to ensure accuracy. Remember: with bodyfat % tracking only compare yourself to YOU. Everyone is different.

The ultimate test?

The ultimate test is composed of two things.

1. shoulder to waist ratio – A great shoulder to waist ratio ensures that you have the V-shaped torso that girls go nuts for. This is the true test as it is 100% accurate (1″ on your measuring tape is the same as my measuring tape.) A great shoulder to waist ratio is hard to achieve. A ton of guys have narrow waists and a ton of guys have a big upper torso. But very few guys have both. The goal to hit here is a shoulder to waist ratio of 1.618:1

2. mirror test and picture test – Take progress pictures to track progress and look in the mirror to ensure your muscles have good definition.


  • Bodyfat testing is highly overrated.
  • Bodyfat testing is never going to be 100% accurate
  • Two people could have the same bodyfat% yet one could look way more defined
  • What is important is how you look and your shoulder to waist ratio

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