Four Exercises to Build Big Shoulders

More than anything, the one muscle group of mine that really pops out the most are my shoulders.

After all, I’ve poured in a lot of effort to build shoulders that are impressive.

This is because great shoulders are the sign of a truly amazing physique that is masculine and powerful. Many guys can build a big chest, big arms or even a wide back (from lots of heavy pull ups).

Plus they improve your appearance by increasing your shoulder-to-waist ratio, which gives you attractive proportions.

But, very few natural trainees will ever achieve a set of round, capped delts. So of course, a ton of people comment and ask me how to build really impressive shoulders. This is something I am very passionate about.

Very few natural lifters have well developed, impressive shoulders.

But, those that do stand out like gods among men…

This Is How You Build Superhero Shoulders

In this video I explain the importance of doing high volume isolation work on shoulders.

As well, I share my four favorite isolation movements for shoulders, to help you take your shoulders to superhero status. These movements and workouts in no way replace the importance of heavy shoulder pressing.

That said, when you implement this style of training, in conjunction with heavy shoulder pressing, well, your shoulders will grow beautifully!

Note – You can sub any of these exercise variations in place of traditional lateral raises for a unique and fresh workout.

Want A Complete System For Reaching The Superhero Physique?

If you’re looking for an advanced lean muscle building program, to take your physique to the highest level – what I call, superhero status.

Well, then, I recommend checking out my Superhero Bulking Program. It’s great for lifters that want to push muscle growth into high gear while staying lean and maximizing overall aesthetics.

It’s not designed for sheer beginners or even intermediates. If you still have a long way to go, you’re better off honing your attention on gaining strength fast – aka the Greek God Program.

But once, you’ve build a good deal of strength and dense muscle, the next step is to milk out a ton of muscle growth with some pretty advanced protocols….

Here Is The Latest Superhero Bulking Transformation


This transformation was accomplished in 5 months! 10 lbs of weight was gained, and body fat dropped by about 7-8 lbs. So this is actually about 17 lbs of muscle in 5 months while dropping fat.

Pretty damn impressive if you ask me! This was following the Superhero Bulking Program. Typically, I recommend people to follow the program when they’re more advanced, but it seems to work very well for beginners too.