Great Stability Ball Core Exercise for Washboard Abs

Stability Ball Core Exercise for Washboard Abs

The Jackknife Rollout

The Jackknife Rollout is a terrific core exercise that will do TWO THINGS:

1. Build Six Pack Abs with emphasis on the lower abs

2. Strengthen your TVA (transverse abdominals) – This is like your deep abs muscles which keeps your core strong, tight and rigid. This will give you washboard abs if you get your body-fat low enough.

It seems that people really underestimate the importance of the TVA in building super sexy abs. It is this very muscle that fights against the muscle gut look. Therefore it is essential to dedicate time to this muscle.

Here is an example of the muscle gut look that many bodybuilders possess:



Notice the protruding gut? While his abs are super defined it looks gross. And if he was to ever wear a shirt everyone would just assume that he is FAT. In addition this sabotages the ideal shoulder to waist ratio.

I will admit that the bodybuilders extended gut is partly due to extreme use of steroids and HGH. However he could tighten up his midsection if he dedicated time to strengthening his TVA.

This was something that was valued in the ‘golden years’ of bodybuilding. You know back when Arnold was a Bodybuilder. These bodybuilders would ensure a tight core by strengthening their TVA.

Here is a way better look:



The picture above is of Vince Gironda (probably my favorite bodybuilder). Notice his flat washboard abs? This is due to a super strong TVA. If only the bodybuilders of today looked like that.