How to Boost Strength & Confidence with Perfect Posture


In this video, I work with celebrity trainer Mark Dhamma to teach us some cutting-edge tips for improving strength, posture and in turn, confidence. Mark Dhamma has been making some amazing gains on my Greek God Program.

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Working with Mark, I learned some very interesting things…

For one, very few people have great posture (like… very few!). Unless you specifically work on postural drills, chances are you too have messed-up posture.

Now, interestingly enough, holding great posture actually increases confidence, testosterone and even happiness. Contrarily, poor posture can reduce confidence, increase cortisol and even increase feelings of depression.

You can even feel the physiological difference yourself, simply by holding yourself in a confident, powerful, chest-open/shoulders-back position versus a closed-up, shoulders-rounded position.

Amy Cuddy has a very interesting ted talk about how your posture shapes who you are.

What Happened To Me Since Doing These Drills?

Since doing the drills that Mark showed me in the video above, I’ve actually been making better strength gains on my presses. The reason being that I have much better chest and shoulder mobility/flexibility.

This allows me to get into a better position on presses and put less stress on my rotator cuff! In fact, I recommend doing the two exercises from the video for two sets of 10-15 reps at least once per day. The drills are extremely powerful!

Just check out this personal record on Incline Bench: 267.5 lbs for 5 reps. And as of today, I’m up to 270 lbs for 5 reps now!

This Is The True Power Of Posture

Improving posture can have a positive effect on confidence, testosterone and strength gains. Combining these drills once per day with my workout programs makes for a very effective strategy.

If you’re not sure which of my programs is best for you, make sure to take the physique survey, it’s freaking epic.