How to Get Ripped Like Channing Tatum in Magic Mike XXL

Channing Tatum Kino Workout

Channing Tatum Physique in Magic Mike XXL

In this video, I talk with my good buddy Mike Vacanti of on how to get a chiseled Magic Mike physique.

The topic is fitting as the new Magic Mike XXL film has just hit the theatres, and all the main actors have got into pretty awesome shape.

Unfortunately, Channing Tatum had to kill himself to get into a super lean state! As soon as filming was over, he couldn’t maintain his results.

So naturally, Mike and I had to show you how you can get in awesome shape while enjoying life.

If you’re struggling to drop fat while feeling truly satisfied and enjoying life, be sure to check out the Aggressive Fat Loss Program – it’s a total game changer!

If only Channing had a copy of the program! Then he wouldn’t have to struggle to stay lean for movie roles…

Here are some cool things we cover:

  • The difference between the magic mike ‘stripper physique’ and the ‘bodybuilder physique
  • The most important factor in achieving a sleek and defined look
  • Why you don’t want to model the Channing Tatum training and diet protocol
  • Why Channing Tatum can’t sustain a low body fat (after filming) 
  • How to find the most enjoyable way to hit a calorie deficit to drop fat
  • Why Channing Tatum should do intermittent fasting to drop fat and feel incredible 
  • Why you should eat foods you truly like and enjoy
  • Why you should enjoy ample amounts of fats and carbs on a diet 
  • Why getting super lean and chiseled can be downright easy and how to do it
  • Why focusing heavily on squats, bench and deads can ruin your physique 
  • Why mixing in heavy weight training and high rep pump work is a great strategy for maximum gains
  • Why you can’t train intensely 5+ days per week 

Workout for a Magic Mike Physique

If you’re looking to build the Magic Mike physique, I’d recommend following the nutrition and training program from Aggressive Fat loss. It’s designed to support that lean and wiry look.

This is the program that Carter Good used to drop from a stubborn 13% body fat to 8% body fat in just 7 weeks. You can even watch the interview I did with him here – Carter Good Transformation.


Alternatively, doing the Jamie Dornan Workout would also be quite effective to achieve the Magic Mike physique, since Dornan has a very similar physique type in 50 Shades of Grey.

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