How to Make Strength Gains at the Advanced Level

Making consistent strength gains at the advanced level requires a few specific strategies to keep progress moving smoothly.

The fact of the matter is, if you were able to hit personal records for a year straight without running into a plateau, you’d be the strongest man in the world!

For advanced lifters, you can see great progress for about a month. Whether that is with micro-loading or even using a dual progression model, where you are increasing the reps and the weight. The Greek God Program utilizes micro-loading to add weight to your key exercises as fast as possible.

*Your results may vary. Testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

This is how I managed to incline bench 275 lbs for reps.

But here’s the thing, you will soon stall out and hit a roadblock. Sometimes, lifters can even experience going down in weight!


Exercise Rotation

When you run into a plateau like this – or even worse, go down in strength – I use this as a feedback system to change the exercise.

This is where exercise rotation comes in.

Exercise rotation is simply swapping out the exercise you have been doing for several weeks for one that still works the same muscle groups, but will be a fresh stimulus for the body.

My Superhero Bulking Program focuses heavily on exercise rotation to bring you to elite levels of strength!

*Your results may vary. Testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

For example, say you run into a plateau on incline barbell bench. For the next month or so, you can swap that exercise out for incline dumbbell presses. When you start to plateau on incline dumbbell presses, moving back to incline barbell will feel awesome!

You will set the stage for new strength gains.

Now you may have to get used to the exercise again. It is not that you are weaker; going back to barbell from dumbbells may feel a bit awkward if you do not have years of lifting experience under your belt.

Strategic Warm Up Hack

To combat this problem of feeling awkward when exercise rotating, you can use this strategic warm up.

Let’s say you are making fantastic progress on standing barbell overhead press… After hitting a plateau, you switch to dumbbells.

The Hack

Start by warming up with standing barbell press. After doing 2 to 3 warm up sets, instead of going into your heavy set with the barbell…

You hit your first heavy set with the dumbbells!

This will help you not fall back in progress on the barbell. Reason being, when you plateau on dumbbells, you will still be familiar with the barbell press because you have been doing it for your warm up sets.

More Advanced Strength Tips

1.) Go Into Your First Work Set Relaxed

I don’t try and pump myself up anymore for my heavy work set. That just drains you and creates more neural fatigue. When in the presence of heavy weights, you will be able to turn your strength on.

Jumping around to loud music or breathing hard (or whatever) is just going to make you tired.

2.) Make Strength Gains in the Higher Rep Ranges

Instead of completely swapping the exercise when you reach a plateau like exercise rotation, you can decrease the weight by about 15% and work in the higher rep ranges for a few weeks.

I find myself in this situation when I lift at home. I don’t have heavy dumbbells, so instead of hitting a heavy weight for 4 or 5 reps, I will use my lighter dumbbells and shoot for 7 to 8. Then 8 to 9 reps on my second set, and finally, around 10 to 12 reps on my third set.

As a plus, the higher rep ranges will stimulate more muscle growth.

You will then go back to the heavy weight feeling fresh and recharged, allowing for new personal records.

Closing Thoughts

Experiment with the above strategies to see what you enjoy most and what works best for you.

It’s crazy actually… You do not need to force yourself to do something you hate to see great results. Find something you enjoy so you can consistently stick to it for the long run.

I know for me, my favorite way of making strength gains is micro-loading. Don’t be afraid to test things out and go with how your body feels. You will soon find the things that allow you to make the greatest progress.

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