I’m Ripped, But Now What?

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Supplement Guide for a Hollywood Physique

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Kinobody introduces guest author Paul Cruz, who I found from his website Smile PUA. Paul is an expert at women, dating and pick up and his website cuts through all the nonsense, getting right to the core of what works in attracting beautiful women.

I’m Ripped, Now What?

Kellan Lutz Style

Like many of you I have been following the advice here on Kinobody to transform my body.

Now I tell people I started taking care of myself for the health benefits but let’s be honest the primary reason we’re trying to pull off the Brad Pitt in Fight Club look, the David Beckham look, or the Chris Hemsworth in Thor look is because we know women like it.

For many men, getting in shape results in more comments on how great they look – but it doesn’t necessarily result in getting laid more.

Conversation Starters

Women are wired to seek out a healthy man to reproduce with. So women have always been attracted to the lean guy way before movies and magazines with ripped guys were created! So how does the ripped guy use this to his advantage? Since you already look better than the average guy you can separate yourself even more by making a better first impression using what I call “direct game”. So if you’re out with your friends there is no need to ask to buy a girl a drink if you want to talk to her.Scenario

You – “Hey I was walking by and I thought you were cute.” Stick out your hand to shake hers. “My name is ______.”

Her – Probably a smile then a giggle “My name is _____.”

You – If she is with her friends. “Hey do you guys mind if I talk to your friend for a second?”

You – The next thing I suggest is tell her what you liked about her before moving to another topic. “I really like your style it’s much more put together than the other women here. So what are you up to besides picking up hot guys?”

Remember to smile while doing this.

So that is a great example of a high risk high reward way to start a conversation with a woman. By stating that you’re interested in her immediately you’re forcing her to make a split second decision whether she is attracted to you or not. Remember though you’ve been doing HIIT and Intermittent Fasting so you look good which means she will be attracted to you!

Remember Other Women Want You

The next thing to remember is being a guy that women are attracted to means women are going to expect other women to be interested in you. So play into that stereotype!

If you’re out talking to a hottie and walk away for a minute go talk to another chick. If she sees you it’s ok because you’re a man and you’re here to f%^k.

Women want men that other women are interested in.

Touching Is Important

The difference between a friend and the guy she has sex with is touch. This is as simple as when you walk up to start a conversation putting your hand on her shoulder or touching her elbow for a second. When she touches you put your hand on top of hers.

How many times have you been talking to a chick and she touches your chest?

Put your hand on top of hers when she does that. If she touches you just copy that, but just remember it has to get physical!

Invites Help Convert Phone Numbers

A little secret that most guys don’t know about is what we call “seeding an event”. Basically you’re talking to some hottie and you might mention how next Saturday your friend is throwing a party somewhere or you might mention that you’re going to try some new restaurant with friends earlier in a conversation.

A couple of minutes later you want to grab her phone number you can use that event when grabbing her number.


You – “Hey give me your phone number so you can check out that new restaurant with us.”

Now you don’t have to actually bring her to whatever you mentioned but you can use that to set up your first date if you need to. The majority of the time I actually invite her to something else.

If She Is In Your Place Then It Is On!

Now there are obviously exceptions to this rule but the majority of the time whether it is the first night you met or after your first or second date if she comes back to your place then she is thinking about having sex with you! Basically man up and make a move at some point after she walks through the damn door! After all you’re a sexy beast so she knows it’s going to get hot and heavy while she is there!

As we all know meeting women is more complicated than this but these are some little tips that can help most guys and help you put your ripped abs to use! Just don’t be the douche lifting his shirt up in the club while posing for pictures!

About the Author

Paul Cruz a.k.a. Smile is an entrepreneur and life coach with an emphasis on dating based out of Denver, CO.

His website SmilePUA.com is quickly becoming one of the top websites for dating and lifestyle advice for men looking to improve their lives.

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