Kinobody: My Self Expression of Extreme Physical Perfection

Kinobody is my self expression of what I feel the ultimate physique is and how to build it. This goes beyond aesthetics and also includes athletic attributes including strength, power, flexibility and agility.

You see, I want to have the body of a Greek God and also be a true master of fitness. Lastly these goals need to be accomplished without having to consume my life. Therefore my training and diet approach have to be absolutely brilliant. I have set the bar very high for myself and those of you who wish to join me on this journey of self improvement.

If you want to rise above mediocrity and become a super human being then welcome aboard!

Kinobody Aesthetics

“Shirtless, I scrutinize my image in the mirror above the sinks in the locker room at Xclusive. My arm muscles burn, my stomach as taut as possible, my shoulders steel, pecs granite hard, my eyes white as ice.” Patrick Bateman, American Psycho

american psycho workout

The kinobody physique requires a beautiful combination of mass, definition and proportion. These three qualities must work together in harmony. You must first and foremost maintain a low body fat with a slim waist. The next step is to add muscle strategically to the body. Wide back, masculine square chest, powerful delts, rock hard arms and deep dense abdominals. Lastly the legs and glutes must enhance the physique by being lean and defined not bulky and curved. The end result will be absolutely breath taking. However this is a very difficult condition to achieve. Rarely do people ever reach the trifecta of mass, definition and proportion.

Kinobody Performance

^ Picture of me performing muscle ups on a playground beam.

It is not enough to just be another pretty physique! We must be strong, fit and capable. Aesthetics and performance must go hand in hand. Therefore we must train for strength and power and accept muscle growth as a side benefit. In addition we must supplement this training with speed and agility work such as sprints, intervals and jump rope. Lastly we must ensure our bodies are limber and mobile by practicing bridging, L sits and dynamic stretches.

This may seem like overkill but believe me the last thing you want is a physique that looks great but lacks functionality. I can’t help but laugh at meat heads at the gym who are all buffed up but can barely bang out 8 chin ups. That’s like driving around in a Ferrari with a Honda Civic engine. When shit hits the fan you don’t want to be the dude who is all show and no go. Unfortunately typical bodybuilding training accomplishes just that. To hell with that! We want the best of both words and accept nothing less.

Kinobody Perspective

While all this training and self improvement is all fine and dandy it is certainly not everything. Therefore we must not let our training and nutrition take over our lives. You see fitness is meant to enhance and better your life not detract from it. Mastering your health and fitness is to make staying in top shape as effortless as possible. You should never have to give up any of life’s great pleasures because you’re worried it will interfere with your training and diet.

Once you have everything dialed in you will only need three intense workouts per week to make continual progress. As well you will be able to maintain your shape with as little as 2 workouts per week with minimal equipment. In addition once you adapt to intermittent fasting you will be able to go hours without food. That means you can spend more time on getting shit done and less time eating, preparing and cleaning. In fact I usually eat only two meals per day. A light afternoon meal and a large evening feast.

The Kinobody Revolution is Here!

I will be developing a series of articles explaining the entirety of my approach to fitness and nutrition. As well I am developing my full in depth fitness/nutrition program that will take things much deeper. I haven’t set a release date for this program but I plan to have it finished before Christmas.  Stay tuned for up coming articles.

PS – Here is a video of me showing a little diversity in fitness and reenacting an iconic scene from American Psycho.