Why Strength Training Will Increase Fat Loss On a Diet

It’s evident that strength training will always be popular in the fitness industry. And in today’s post, I wanted to put a little spin on things and address why strength and weight training is the single most important thing for fat loss. Even more important than cardio.

Now keep in mind, this article is not about “increasing your calorie burn” by adding more muscle. In fact, this is a complete myth. The idea that you can add 10 lbs of muscle and burn an extra 500 calories a day has been utterly disproven; nor does it make sense from an evolutionary standpoint.

If calorie requirements increased dramatically when food wasn’t readily available, that would be a huge problem. But that’s neither here nor there.

I want to address the benefits strength training will give you to lose body fat and start looking fit and sexy.

This is actually a great message for all the woman followers of Kinobody! I’m so excited to really start expanding in this area.

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Let’s begin to dive in as to why strength training is so powerful and the reason it’s the foundation of all the Kinobody Courses.

Here’s Why You Should Strength Train For Fat Loss

When someone sets out to lose 10 to 20 lbs of fat, this usually winds up with them doing an extreme crash diet and tons of cardio. The problem is that they are going to lose a lot of muscle in the process. When I experienced my elbow injury, I was still dialing in my nutrition Aggressive Fat Loss style but I didn’t look as great.


There was no strength training.

Strength training is needed to maintain muscle to ensure that all the weight you lose is body fat, leaving you look healthy, fit, and sexy.

The research is quite clear that strength training will help preserve muscle mass even while in a calorie deficit.

And best of all, if you’re new to training, you can even build muscle while losing body fat. You can accomplish this without being in the gym 5 to 6 times a week.

All you need is 3 strategic strength training sessions each week to reap the benefits.

What Strength Training For Fat Loss Ultimately Comes Down To

Say you take a girl that’s new to weight lifting and weighs around 160 lbs, and have her cut down to around 140 lbs.

With the proper strength training in place, this will pretty much guarantee that all the weight she loses (20 lbs) is all from body fat.

And there is also a great chance that she will put on 4 to 5 lbs of pretty muscle that will give her body incredible shape. If she only diets and hits cardio hard, she’ll most likely lose muscle, and thus, less fat, and consequently, not look as awesome as she hoped for.

So for girls and guys, building a lean and chiseled physique ultimately comes down to strength training, dialing in nutrition for fat loss, and getting in some rest day activity such as walking.

Walking is actually my favorite fat burning activity and I absolutely love it! Especially when the weather is nice. But as long as you are strength training and dialing in your nutrition, you’ll strip away body fat effortlessly while maintaining all your muscle.

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