The Final Progression Of the Kinobody Journey: The Superhero Physique

In this post, I explain the concepts behind my Superhero Bulking Program that make it so effective for building a highly muscular and proportioned physique!

What is the Superhero Look?

This development is the final stage in the Kinobody Physique Classes.

It’s for guys that have been training for a few years and have a solid strength foundation in place. You can also think of it as taking your body to the next level after building the Greek God physique.

Think of Chris Evans (Captain American), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), or Henry Cavil (Man of Steel).

These guys are big and lean! They have the highest level of muscle size and still look strong and powerful in/out of clothes or a suit…

But at the same time, they still have the Hollywood look; the slim waist, big shoulders, and solid chest and arm development.

How to Reach Superhero Status

The underlying goal is to reach the highest level of muscle growth and strength as possible, as a natural.

Now here’s the main problem…

As you become more and more advanced in your training, it’s hard to add more muscle and strength.

If you try to add muscle all over your body at once, you’ll just be spinning your wheels.

The solution is to break your training up into different phases and focus on particular muscle groups for a period of time.

The Superhero Bulking Program is broken up into 4 different phases.

Phase 1) Chest and Back Specialization

This is where you’ll focus on adding as much strength and size to your chest and back while maintaining your other muscle groups.

And since these are large muscle groups, you’ll quickly notice a huge change in your physique.

Phase 2) Shoulder Specialization

This is my favorite phase!

Building incredible shoulders is a bit tough. Although, I believe I cracked the code. Well developed shoulders is what makes or breaks your physique.

It allows you to stand out strong from all the guys in the gym who only focus on bench pressing and curls.

3) Arm Specialization

Having a pair of rock solid arms is a trait desired by all.

I made sure to spend a lot of time in this phase when crafting the program because building a set of huge guns at a very lean body fat is tricky.

4) Bonus Phase

Lastly, after adding a ton of muscle and strength to the most important body parts on your physique…

The bonus phase is where we tie everything together while adding more volume to all body parts at the same time.

This is where your physique reaches incredible heights. The bonus phase is also great to use before a photo shoot or even a vacation.

Leg Training

Each of the phases has the perfect amount of leg training.

The goal with our legs is to build them up to being strong and powerful, but also keeping them sleek and slim.

Adding too much lower body mass takes the attention down off of your upper body.

We need to keep the attention up top, where it matters most, while building the perfect proportions.

Each of the 4 Phases in the Superhero Bulking Program lasts 2 months each.

After, you can focus on adding more strength and density. If a particular muscle group needs more attention jump on one of the phases again!

Superhero Tactics for Looking Awesome

This program combines a number of highly effective tactics to reach Superhero Status…

Here are a few:

1) Reverse Pyramid Training

The main goal, no matter what, is to be getting stronger on your key lifts, so you’re constantly adding the dense, hard muscle that’s there to stay!

This is where reverse pyramid comes in. If you need a refresher on reverse pyramid training, check out this video of me explaining it while bench pressing here.

2) Rest Pause Training

Rest pause training is going to allow our bodies to hold more size. Think of this style of training as the icing on top of the cake.

Check out this video here of me hitting rest pause on shoulders.

3) Nutrition

If we don’t have the proper nutrition tactics in place for the lean bulk, we’ll end up gaining too much fat.

The nutrition guide is set up with higher calorie days for the surplus to build muscle and lower calorie days to stay lean.

This actually sets the stage for more muscle growth by
up regulating anabolic receptors and improving insulin sensitivity!

So if you have a few days of lower calories, you’ll be able to gain muscle faster.

Think of someone that is cutting and then goes on a bulk, they begin to fill out really, really fast. And same thing happens if you’re bulking, you’re setting the stage to lose fat faster if you start to cut.

That’s also why you’re going to be doing intermittent fasting with the program as well. Spending the time breaking down body fat (fasting) will set the stage for a fast muscle rebound.

Closing Thoughts

Utilizing these tactics and the many others in the superhero program is finally going to allow you to reach the highest level of muscle development while staying chiseled to the bone.

I don’t want you to just take my word on it either, check out this incredible success story:

Learn more about the Superhero Bulking Program here