The Three Problems with Muscle Building Programs

Build muscle stay lean – that’s the goal! Unfortunately, very few people ever achieve the physique they are truly after when they embark on a muscle building program.

This is for three primary reasons, which I explain below…

Problem #1: Most Programs Encourage Excessive Overeating

Here’s the truth: most muscle building programs welcome excessive eating with open arms.

This reason for this is simple… Most muscle building programs are marketed at gaining 10-20+ lbs of muscle in a very short period of time.

In truth, this is next to impossible.

The research is clear on this! That said, when you see the scale going up by 5 lbs a month, you truly believe it’s all muscle. What’s more, when you’re gaining a lot of bodyweight, it’s easier to lift heavier weights… So you think the program is really working.

Unfortunately, you aren’t getting as strong as you think. True strength, is strength in relation to your weight. Bench pressing 275 lbs isn’t very impressive if you’re 300 lbs.

So if you’re overeating to build strength, you’re missing the point completely!

As well, you’re killing your aesthetics in the process. Any muscle you build will be obscured completely, by a layer of fat – a layer of fat that will require a long period of time to shed off.

Your best bet is to eat in a way that allows you to stay lean while supporting lean muscle gains. This is what my Greek God Program is honed in on.

Problem #2: Most Programs Focus On Excessive Volume

Here’s the reality: building a great physique comes down to getting stronger on key movements. Unfortunately, most muscle building programs emphasize volume and work over intensity and progressive overload.

Most programs get you to train 5-6 days per week, perform set after set after set, fatiguing yourself into the ground.

The problem with this is simple. This strategy may work at building temporary muscle, increasing fluid and glycogen in the muscle and giving you a temporary state of puffiness.

That said, this strategy doesn’t support consistent dense muscle gains. Why is this? Well, because this strategy doesn’t lead to substantial strength increases.

Strength is the main driver of muscle growth. Working up to heavier and heavier weights is what will give you the muscle size you’re after.

In order to build strength, you must avoid overtraining. You must reduce your training volume and focus on intensity.

If you have to perform 30 sets in a workout, it’s going to be next to impossible to push yourself to achieve a personal record on each and every set.

To really build strength and an awesome physique, I recommend training just three days per week, focusing on key movements and utilizing reverse pyramid training.

This is what my Greek God Program focuses on!

Problem #3: Most Programs Destroy Balanced Proportions

The third and final problem with most muscle building courses is this.. They don’t lead to a proportionate and downright aesthetic physique.

Instead, they are focused on adding as much mass as possible. Most muscle building programs get you to do a heavy dose of squats and deadlifts and flat bench.

After all, we’re told these are the three best exercises. Unfortunately, giving a heavy priority to these movements leads to excessive lower body mass and an unattractive chest.

If you want to build a physique that is awesome, I suggest focusing more on incline presses, overhead presses, weighted chin ups and single leg squats.

In my Greek God Program, these are the key movements that you are building up, each and every month! With strength increases on these movements, your physique improves in leaps and bounds.

*Your results may vary. Testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.
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