Unlocking Your Strength Potential


How to Unlock Your Strength Potential 

1. Become as present as possible during your workouts. 

To become present during your workouts means that you cut off any outcome dependency that you may have when you enter the gym. This means that you lift for the pure enjoyment and pleasure of it. This means that you take your focus away from mental activity and into the moment.

If you go into a set so attached to lifting a certain amount of weight or getting a certain number of reps, you will create anxiety. Whether it’s conscious or not, it will be there. This anxiety will make you more prone to failure as it will dilute your very ability to direct your attention into the task that you are performing.

Have a goal for what you want to lift, but go into your set completely present. Once you enter your set, give it your best possible effort. But don’t obsess about having to lift a certain amount of weight. Don’t beat yourself up if you fall short of what you wanted. You can’t control these things and the more you obsess and beat yourself up, the more you will push yourself into the wrong direction.

2. Draw your positive emotions from taking action NOT from your workout to workout results 

Don’t focus on anything outside of your circle of influence of what you can directly control. This means that you should draw positive emotions from taking action, being consistent and striving for maximal effort. This is what you can control and this is what ultimately will allow you to succeed. Don’t worry about day to day performance, these are needed to track progress but you don’t want to be at the emotional mercy of them.

We all have bad workouts and good workouts, that’s just life. Are you going to determine your emotional state based on something external and out of your direct control? This is what most humans do. True men and women of greatness know that this is no course to success and happiness. Drawing good emotions based on something external will turn you into a wavering being. The same thing that makes you feel good, contains within it, the power to make you feel bad. So your state will constantly shift and you’ll feel out of control and powerless.

True positive emotions are not emotions at all, but states of being. They stem not from external factors or forms, but rather from within. When deep down you are living in alignment with your true self and working towards your goals, you will not be frustrated by road bumps along the way. You will accept them and work past them and enjoy the challenge they present. The paradox is that once you stop obsessing about trivial matters out of your control and start living in alignment, more good, more success and more positivity will flow into your life.

3. Embody yourself with a flow of super human strength and power

Super human strength 

What you must understand is that when you’re in the gym, you are not training at or even close to your physiological limit. There are so many breaks in place that will stop you from redlining your true capabilities. It’s almost like you have a supercharged 400 horse power engine inside you but there’s a break in place not allowing you to go above 3000 RPM’s.

To tap into your true strength potential, you must embody yourself with a flow of superhuman strength and power. This will temporarily unlock strength and power that you never knew you even had. You are bringing your body into alignment with it’s true capabilities.

When you’re getting ready to perform a specific lift, imagine yourself with superhuman strength and the ability to bend steel, lift cars and leap ten feet in the air. Feel that strength flowing through your body. Imagine your body becoming illuminous. Feel your muscles growing in size. Now empty your mind and go into your set. The weight that you are thus doing will look and feel like nothing.

This drill is not about putting a mental imagine in your mind, that is very limiting. But rather it’s to feel a source of untapped strength and power flow through your body and radiate outwards. Don’t worry about getting this down right away. It takes a very powerful consciousness to properly execute this technique. It’s worth noting that I usually only do this drill a couple times during a workout otherwise it takes too much out of me.

Workout Intelligently 

These strategies I have laid out for you, are incredibly effective when incorporated within the context of a well designed and brutally effective workout routine. If you stack these mental drills with my Greek God Program, you will experience absolutely incredible strength and muscle gains.