Best Workout For Chest

Every guy I have talked to about training wants a bigger and more developed chest. The truth is that a great chest is something you earn. Not something you are born with. For most guys, building a great chest is a long and daunting task. It takes a long time and results come slow if…

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Great Stability Ball Core Exercise for Washboard Abs

Stability Ball Core Exercise for Washboard Abs The Jackknife Rollout The Jackknife Rollout is a terrific core exercise that will do TWO THINGS: 1. Build Six Pack Abs with emphasis on the lower abs 2. Strengthen your TVA (transverse abdominals) – This is like your deep abs muscles which keeps your core strong, tight and…

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The Best Chest Exercises For Button Popping Pecs

One of the key components of  having the best chest workout is selecting the most effective chest exercises. But before I can go into detail about the most effective chest exercises, I have to explain what makes up a great chest. A great chest is composed of 4 things: Well developed and full upper pecs, outer…

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Dumbbell Trap Exercises

There is absolutely nothing, like resting the top straps of a tank-top, tightly on this towering muscle group. The Key to Building Great Looking Traps: The key to building great looking traps is keeping everything in proportion. Muscular traps look great if your shoulder development is there. However, building overdeveloped traps relative to the rest of…

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How to build a lean, powerful and athletic lower body

How To Build Great Strong Athletic Powerful Legs

If your goal is to build great looking legs (not bulky) that are super strong and powerful, then STOP training your legs like a bodybuilder! Bodybuilders strive to build massive legs that can only fit into sweat pants. Not only does this just look plain stupid but it is completely nonfunctional! Bodybuilders utilize high volume…

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Heavy Bag Workouts

Boxers have some of the most incredible physiques! They have the perfect amount of muscle with amazing definition. So it would only make sense to incorporate boxing training into your arsenal. Once you get good at hitting the bag, then you’re just plain bad ass! Ever see a big bodybuilder try and hit the bag…

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Chest, Back, Abs & Cardio

NOTES: Doing a photoshoot on Thursday so I have 3 days to drop a few more pounds of fat Diet was bad over the weekend so I am gonna limit calories this week. Stopping a few reps shy of failure to avoid breaking down the muscle since I am cutting calories significantly Warm up –…

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Best Workout for Abs

  Nothing looks better than having perfect six pack abs! Ask any girl and she’ll tell you the same thing. A super developed midsection with defined v line muscles is a true sign of dedication and that is why most people will never have true six pack abs. In order to to achieve six pack abs…

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