Dan Bilzerian Kino Workout

Dan Bilzerian Workout

Who Is This Bilzerian guy?  BONUS: Download the free Dan Bilzerian training routine  In this article I plan on laying out the Dan Bilzerian Workout and diet, also how you can use it to build an amazing body. But first, let me give you a little background on Dan Bilzerian… If you haven’t heard of…

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Zac Efron Kino Workout

The Zac Efron Workout for Neighbors

Since the movie Neighbors hit the theaters, I’ve been having more and more people asking me about the Zac Efron workout and how to get in shape like Zac Efron. You see, Zac is rocking a great looking body! He has awesome definition and just enough muscle to fill out a t shirt. This is…

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Henry Cavill Kino Workout

The Henry Cavill Workout for Man of Steel

I am thoroughly impressed with Henry Cavill’s physical condition for the Man of Steel film. The Henry Cavill Workout for Man of Steel allowed him to lean bulk the way it’s supposed to be done; he added muscle to the right areas while keeping his body fat under 10%. The Henry Cavill workout also allowed…

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Daniel Craig Kino Workout

The Daniel Craig Workout for Skyfall

Download the Daniel Craig Workout Routine A lot of people have been asking about the Daniel Craig workout and diet since Skyfall just came out recently. There is no doubt Daniel Craig has done it again by getting into tremendous shape for the new bond movie. Skyfall is Daniel Craig’s third time playing James Bond. Craig’s first…

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Ryan Reynolds Kino Workout

Build a Body Like Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has one of the best physiques in Hollywood. In fact, to this day people are still talking about his shredded abs from the movie Blade Trinity. Reynolds abs were so developed that he was actually accused of using prosthetic abs. Ryan Reynolds’ height and weight Ryan Reynolds stands at a tall 6’2. Although…

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Alex O'Loughlin Kino Workout

Alex O’Loughlin Workout

Alex O’Loughlin is an Australian born actor best known for his starring role in the hit tv series, Hawaii 5-0. If you enjoy watching terrible chick flicks then you may have also seen him in The Back up Plan. What draws me to write an article on Alex O’Loughlin’s Workout Routine is the fact that…

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Alex Pettyfer Kino Workout

Alex Pettyfer Workout Routine

Alex Pettyfer Workout If you want to build a lean and fit physique like Alex Pettyfer then you should incorporate exercise techniques from the Alex Pettyfer Workout. Alex Pettyfer is quickly becoming one of hollywoods most sought after actors with starring roles in Beastly and I Am Number Four. It doesn’t hurt that he has…

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Alan Ritchson Kino Workout

The Alan Ritchson Workout Program

Alan Ritchson has one of the most impressive physiques of anyone in Hollywood right now. He is very muscular and lean without looking like a typical meat head. So I decided to put together the Alan Ritchson Workout you can use to build his type of physique! I had no idea who this guy was…

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