The Truth About Reducing Stubborn Body Fat

In this post, we’re going to talk about stubborn body fat and how you can lose it once and for all.

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You Need To Stop Searching For A Magical Answer

The fact of the matter is, there is no way to spot reduce body fat on certain areas of your body and the research is clear on this (Study).

No amount of crunches or planks or any other exercises are going to directly burn the fat away. And endless hours of cardio also won’t do the trick.

The solution and straight forward answer is:

You must reduce your overall body fat percentage to stop seeing stubborn body fat.

Now interestingly enough, you may see faster decreases in body fat on your face, arms, legs or chest first. This is just your natural body fat distribution…

Many times, we don’t lose fat evenly over our entire body. Instead, some areas see faster fat loss depending on our genetic predisposition.

This is nothing in our direct control. So you may have some stubborn body fat on your stomach, and the truth is, the way you get rid of it, is by getting to a low body fat… Once you get down to 6-10% body fat (16-20% for women), stubborn body fat is a non longer an issue.

Getting to a truly lean state comes down to nailing your nutrition and hitting a calorie deficit for weight loss. And not only that, you must set up your diet and training in a way that you’re able to stick with for the long term.

My Aggressive Fat Loss Program is so effective at making get lean fast, damn near effortless.

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Most people get caught up in trying to quickly lose body fat in a particular area and hop on extreme crash diets or spend hours on the stair stepper. Only to find themselves falling into their old habits and not achieving the body they’re after.

This Is The Most Important Tool For Fat Loss

The most important habit you’re going to want to build while trying to lose stubborn body fat is strength training.

You see, if it’s going to take 20 lbs of fat loss to get the stomach that you want, then you’re going to want to make sure that the 20 lbs you lose is all from body fat and not your muscle.

You need strength training in your plan to maintain your lean body mass (Study). If not, this is the reason you could end up skinny fat after dieting because half of it came from fat and the other from muscle.

Cardio alone is not going to preserve your muscle mass. So the combination of a lot of cardio and extreme dieting is just setting you up for failure. It’s about strength training and dialing in your nutrition for fat loss.

This is why my course, Aggressive Fat Loss is so effective, and for the ladies, the Goddess Toning Program

The Goddess Program is crafted with a strength training plan to maintain muscle while also sculpting that slim, sexy looking physique, and eating at a aggressive deficit for fat loss.

This Is What Losing Stubborn Body Fat Comes Down Too

This won’t happen over night. That’s the reason why I stress the importance of learning how to enjoy the journey and set up your plan in a way that allows you to stay committed for the long term.

Getting rid of stubborn body fat simply requires you to work in some strength training a few times per week, and nailing your nutrition for weight loss (getting in sufficient protein to support your lean body mass (Study) with a balance of carbs and fats).

There is no magical answer.

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