Best Protein Supplements

Protein supplements are about as mainstream now as candy bars.

Five or Ten years ago the only people that took protein supplements were bodybuilders. Well today you see protein shakes and bars everywhere you go. It seems like just about everyone is using protein supplements. This is no surprise as protein supplements have so many benefits

Protein Supplement Benefits:

  • Provides your muscles with all the nutrients it needs to rebuild and grow
  • Low calories – most protein supplements contain only a couple grams of carbs and fat so your getting a lot of protein with very few calories
  • super convenient – add some water, milk or juice then shake it up and your good to go
  • great tasting – there are soo many flavors to choose from
  • endless options – you can make protein smoothie’s, pankakes, oatmeal……. the list goes on

Who should take protein supplements?

I believe everyone should have about 20-30 grams of protein in the morning to start off their day. This keeps you full and satisfied longer so you will stick to your diet. In addition by replacing your typical high carb cereal or muffin breakfast with a protein shake you help your body maintain a leaner physique.

Now you can’t always make an omelette in the morning so a protein shake is a great alternative.

Unfortunately Not all Protein Supplements Were Created Equal!

The truth is that many protein supplements out there contain harmful ingredients such as – surcralose, aspartame, artificial colors/flavors and hidden sources of MSG that kill your brain cells.

I have no idea why they put all these chemicals into what is suppossed to be a HEALTH SUPPLEMENT. This just seems CRAZY to me. However due to the demand for healthier alternatives some companies have finally started to smarten up and produce Healthy Protein Shakes that still Taste Great.

Now lets take a look at the different categories of protein supplements:

Whey Protein:

Whey protein is a great protein supplement that is derived from cows milk. Whey protein is fast absorbing so its great to have after your workout or in the morning when your muscles are really craving that protein. In addition whey protein contains a full spectrum of amino acids for optimal performance. The only disadvante is that there is a possibility of causing food related allergies to people who are sensitive to animal products.

Whey Protein Recommendation

Protein Powder
Egg White Protein

Egg white protein is an amazing protein source. Egg protein is often referred to as the perfect protein because of its complete amino acid profile. Back in the day people would mix raw eggs with orange juice to drink. Now a days you can purchase an egg white protein supplement. Unfortunatley egg protein can cause food allergies to those sensitive to eggs.

Vegetarian and Allergy Friendly Protein

Now this is where you really have to be really careful which protein supplement you choose or you could wind with a protein supplement that tastes like fish food.
My two favorite vegetarian/allergy friendly proteins are hemp protein and brown rice protein. I AVOID soy protein as it is bad for you (lowers testosterone in men and reduces ability to actually absorb protein – talk about defeating the purpose)
I also don’t take pea protein as I can hardly stand the taste.
My absolute favorite allergy friendly/vegetarian protein supplement is ‘protein energizer’ by rainbow light.
This stuff tastes great, is low in calories and is packed with natural vitamins, minerals and herbs to nourish your body. Each scoop of protein energizer has 15 grams of brown rice protein (I like to get in about 30 grams of protein in so I take two scoops). Brown Rice Protein has all the essential amino acids and is high in fiber.
Rainbow light also makes another protein supplement called thin berry that contains all natural herbs to reduces your appetite and stimulates your metabolism. Believe it or not this ACTUALLY WORKS and is tremendously effective.
Note –
Progressive, Jay Rob and Rainbow light are not paying me to recommend their products. These are just the supplements that I use and have have had good results with. Feel free to try out other products and let me know which ones you like.
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