Diet Tips For Weight Loss – How to Stay 7-9% Body Fat Year Round

In this post, I wanted to share my best diet tips for weight loss that allow me to stay around 7-9% body fat with ease. These diet strategies will help you reach your goal body weight with much less resistance and struggle.

Best Diet Tips: How not To Screw Up Your Diet

In most cases, screwing up your diet typically comes from following an unsustainable plan. This could be from eating super low calories, or cutting out carbs or fats. Also, trying to eat 100% “super clean” foods, inevitably leads to screwing up and then going off in the deep end.

But see that’s the problem! This topic needed to be addressed because the fact of the matter is, everyone messes up their diet, yet no one shows them how to handle it!

Instead, when people mess up their diet, they feel guilty, turning a minor screw up into an all out binge. This leads to them shaming themselves and creating a negative habit.

A healthy diet tip: Your diet should not be something you’re fighting against!

Dieting has thankfully been evolving over the years and we now know what truly causes fat loss-the calorie deficit. The reality is without a calorie deficit in place, there will be no weight loss.

It doesn’t matter what foods you eat! It’s a matter of energy in vs. energy out. One of my favorite diet tips for weight loss is to incorporate your favorite foods and foods that satisfy your cravings into your diet.

For example, I know I do well on my diet if I eat some high quality chocolate everyday. This kills my cravings and still allows me to hit my calorie deficit.

All of my best diet tips for weight loss follow a simple plan.

Make sure you are getting in sufficient protein to support muscle and strength gains. This comes out to be roughly 0.82g per pound of body weight.

Make sure you eat a balance of fats and carbs and get the majority of your food from wholesome, nutrient rich choices.

I have seen much success with setting my fat intake to around 30%-35% of daily calories and filling the remainder with carbs. And of course, don’t be afraid to work in your favorite dessert or snack. As long as you hit your calorie deficit, you will lose fat.

This is why the Aggressive Fat Loss Program is so powerful! With intermittent fasting, it makes hitting that calorie deficit effortless. By pushing your first meal back with sparkling water and black coffee you make room to include your favorite foods.

The success stories keep coming in each and everyday:

Use the diet tips for weight loss to achieve a great transformation

*Your results may vary. Testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

Use these best diet tips to lose weight fast

*Your results may vary. Testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

Conclusion on Diet Tips for Weight Loss

It’s quite interesting, when you finally allow yourself to indulge in your favorite foods or desserts, the cravings diminish. When you try to fight against your urges every day of the week, by the weekend, you’re burnt out and can no longer resist; resulting in a binge episode.

Out of all the diet tips for weight loss I’ve covered, the most important one is this: you must learn to accept that you will mess up at times. Heck, I run this fitness channel and admit that I am not perfect one hundred percent of the time-it’s going to happen.

What matters more is how you treat yourself after. If you beat yourself up, it’s just going to lead to more stress and guilt. Keeping you off track. The world isn’t going to end.

Keep moving forward! Treat the next day as planned. There is no extra benefit to dropping calories lower, and adding in more cardio to try and make up for it. Punishing yourself won’t fix the situation.

If you happen to mess up on a day, take some time to step away and go for a walk or something. Become present in the moment and understand we are only human and we all make mistakes. This is one of the most valuable tricks to lose weight fast.

And chances are, if you do this and fix the problem before it turns into a binge episode, those extra 400-500 calories will probably help you and you’ll still lean down that week!

Another great diet strategy to get into the habit of is writing down what caused you to mess up your diet. Once you learn more and more about yourself, you’ll become one step closer to mastering your diet.

You’re in control. If you happen to mess up, accept it and keep moving forward!

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Your Kino Question For The Day: How do you usually feel after you mess up your diet? After reading this article, what will you do next time it happens? Let me know in the comments below.