How To Maintain High Testosterone Levels At A Low Body Fat 6-9% (Research Based)

Are you worried you’re going to have a hard time maintaining high testosterone levels once you lean down from following an overly-restrictive diet?

Or what if you’re already lean, but it’s too difficult to maintain because your testosterone is taking a major hit?

In this post, I wanted to share with you several different strategies that will allow you to maintain high testosterone levels at a low body fat while enjoying your diet and lifestyle to the fullest!

How To Diet Properly To Maintain High Levels of Testosterone

Think about this for a second. Learning how to maintain high testosterone levels while leaning down is important because when the fat comes off, that’s when you’re going to look really chiseled. That’s our end goal. So if this wasn’t possible, and if it meant that we were going to be miserable in the process, then what’s the point?

Most people, do not know how to diet properly. Which makes the majority think that having high testosterone while being lean isn’t possible.

Not true. Not in the least.

And in actuality, being lean supports higher testosterone levels, because body fat (especially beyond 15%) increases estrogen levels which can have a negative effect on testosterone.

Typically, what ends up happening is someone killing themselves to get lean, but they can’t maintain it. They are always in super weight loss mode or gaining weight, which, by the way, is not good for your testosterone either.

Take fitness models for example. Leading up to their competition or show, they are pushing through a brutal routine and chronically stressing and thinking about their diet. Even just a week later post event, they’re already 5 to 10 pounds heavier. They simply can’t maintain it!

Let’s take a look at my experiences. When I used to eat 200 to 250 grams of protein each day and always stressed about my diet, I really noticed my sex drive taking a huge plummet.

I recently got my testosterone levels tested and they turned out great and my bio available testosterone levels are above average! I’m also pretty lean in my current condition…

A shirtless man taking a selfie in a bathroom.

The reason for this is because over the years of struggle, I finally learned how to do things correctly. And it all starts with learning how to diet properly.

As I briefly mentioned above, going super high in protein in your diet means you’ll have to go lower in carbs and fat. Eating high protein also gets tricky when trying to eat 5 to 6 small meals every couple of hours. Now, I do realize that protein is very filling. And that’s why high protein diets are used while on a fat loss plan to help stay full.

The problem is that fats and carbs have a direct effect on testosterone and the research is clear on this!

A high testosterone diet should include plenty of fats and carbs to support not only hormonal functioning but training performance as well.

Now the question is, how do we drop our protein intake and raise our fats and carbs but still stay full and satisfied on our diets? Intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is so effective because it allows you to eat less protein, plenty of fats and carbs while still feeling full and satisfied!

It also makes maintaining a great physique effortless. I receive scores of testimonials from people who say they don’t even feel like they are on a diet! Take a look at these recent transformations from using the Kinobody Courses.

Eating 2 big meals and a snack is the perfect way to eat enough protein and still allow yourself to eat the foods you enjoy the most.

Intermittent fasting is really great for high testosterone levels in men! And the reason for this is because each time you eat, your testosterone actually decreases.

So if you’re constantly eating small meals, snacks, and protein shakes, your testosterone levels will be significantly lower.

Moreover, intermittent fasting is also great for overall hormonal functioning.

For example, when you wake up, cortisol levels are very high and insulin levels are low. Which is actually a good thing! This helps your body mobilize fat for energy.

Naturally, cortisol levels start to lower later in the day, when its a better time to put your body in the feasting mode.

Also, not eating first thing in the morning releases a surge of growth hormone.

To Reach High levels Of Testosterone, You Need To Listening To Your Body

I think the most important lesson I can share with you is learning how to listen to your body. Even eating just enough protein along with the proper amount of fats and carbs, your body will still need a break from dieting.

Taking a break from dieting and eating at maintenance is how you’re going to stay lean for the long term. Constantly going through different extremes such as dieting or gaining weight is going to make it difficult to maintain high testosterone levels.

It’s imperative for your body to stay in a specific range so it can naturally regulate its hormones.

Here’s what I do. If I feel hungry on certain days, I’ll eat more. But not to any extreme. Usually up to maintenance calories or 100-200 over.

And then on days where I feel full on say, 1900 calories, I may just stay there in a slightly larger deficit because my body is telling me that I don’t need the extra food.

What ends of happening is that I lean down much quicker! I’m not fighting against my body. I’m learning to work with it.

What Is The Perfect Macro Ratio For High Levels Of Testosterone?

As far as macros go, I use them to guide me, but my body is the most important tool.

Listening to all your body’s feedback is the real secret to reaching low levels of body fat.

But usually, I have found this macro split perfect for maintaining high levels of testosterone while being lean.

Protein: .7g to .8g per pound of body weight
Fats: 30% to 35% of daily calories
Carbs: Fill the remaining calories

You know, something that’s also really interesting that’s in line with listening to your body is the placebo effect. It’s very real. So if you tell yourself you won’t have high testosterone levels. It’s going to train your sub-conscious mind to do just that.

So fully believe and tell yourself you have high testosterone. Even practicing better body language can be helpful.

You Need To Realize That Everything Will Not Be Perfect

Being more laid back and still including the foods you enjoy is going to help you not always stress about your diet.

Your diet must be something you enjoy or else you’re going to struggle to maintain it.

Personally, I love eating high quality chocolate on my diet. I can only speak from experience, but this has definitely helped me feel better and stick to the plan.

On top of that, it’s important to have other things in your life balanced as well to help avoid stress. Sleep is a big one. It’s directly linked to higher testosterone.

Do the best you can to get as much sleep as needed to feel well rested.

Another important tip you can utilize is making sure you’re sufficient in Vitamin D. I don’t take any Vitamin D supplements but I make sure to get out in the sun a few times per week.

If you really want to support great health and high maintain high testosterone levels, learn how to relax.

Creating a crazy environment of brutal dieting and training, stressing, and over thinking will keep cortisol high and effect testosterone. Don’t stay up all night on the computer browsing forums or googling random stuff that doesn’t do any good for you.

I love to work on becoming more present in the moment by listening to Eckhart tolle. Dieting to low levels of body fat was something I struggled with massively.

One of my most important lessons, didn’t have to do with diet at all. But the condition of the human mind. Living in the now, pushing towards goals but fully honoring the day to day journey, was essential in my success.

Live a life that you truly enjoy.

Work hard. Train hard. But also play and do nice things for yourself.

Summary of how to get high testosterone:

  • Socialize
  • Go for walks
  • Do more things you enjoy and have fun
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Eat moderate protein
  • With high fats and carbs
  • Get sun
  • Sleep naked
  • Train 3 times a week
  • Have sex
  • And listen to your body

If you work on those key strategies and take things slow and steady, your testosterone levels will be golden.

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