Staying Fit In College

Staying fit in college. In this episode: We dish out some very effective tips for using the vast amount of resources that you have available to you in a university environment, and discuss a key mindset shift that you need to embrace. Is this episode only for college students? No. It’s not. Everybody can take…

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Is Clean Eating A Scam?? (Interview with JC Deen)

“It all boils down to a belief – whatever one believes to be good or clean and bad or a cheat meal. I don’t particular care for such a mindset because it’s very limiting.” – JC JC Deen on Clean Eating Great show today! We team up with JC Deen, fitness blogger, author, and coach. You’ve probably seen him in magazines like Men’s…

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The Magic Of Lifting 3 Days Per Week

Lifting 3 Days a Week Do you train more than 3x per week? If so, the additional training may actually be hurting your progress, not helping it. Less can be more… if you do it correctly. In today’s episode we discuss exactly how (and why) you should be programming your training schedule around 3 non-consecutive training…

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Testosterone Mythbusting

Testosterone Myths! In today’s episode of the Road To Ripped podcast, we breakdown the biggest myths in testosterone enhancement. If you have issues with low testosterone, you don’t want to miss this. Why should you care about increasing your testosterone?  Well, if you have low testosterone, just bringing it back up into the normal range…

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Road To Ripped Interviews Jordan Harbinger Of The Art Of Charm

Jordan Harbinger Interview The Art Of Charm is one of the most popular social dynamics shows on the planet. They’ve featured guests from CIA agents, professors, and dating coaches, to Daymond John, billionaire founder of the clothing empire FUBU, all in the quest to bring you the best information on the planet when it comes…

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The 4 Principles To Magnetic Success

The Road To Ripped podcast is coming to you with an episode of epic proportions. Fresh out of our Hollywood home studio, and in the wake of a ton of filming with our production company partners First Brick Media for the new RTRTV series (episodes coming out on YouTube soon.) we sit down today and…

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New Year’s Motivation with Mike Matthews of

Mike Matthews Interview You asked for it, so he’s back… In today’s episode of the Road To Ripped podcast, Greg ( and Christopher ( sit down and talk with RTR regular Mike Matthews ( once again for another EPIC show. Seriously every time the three of us sit down together it’s like a fitness fireworks…

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Rusty Moore on Women’s Training For A Fit, Slim, Sexy, Feminine Physique

Interview with Rusty Moore In today’s episode of the Road To Ripped podcast, Greg ( and Christopher ( sit down and talk with Rusty Moore of Fitness Black Book for the second time in this long-awaited follow-up to his first interview on the show in May 2013. We’ve gotten about 1 million emails, seems like…

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