Learn How to Lean out Effortlessly

How to lean out and build an Incredible Physique Building a great physique comes down to two things: achieving a great level of muscle development and learning how to lean out properly. When you have very little fat on your body, that’s when you have insane definition. Your face is chiseled and angular, your muscle appear hard…

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The Truth About HIIT for Fat Loss

  One of my greatest specialities is teaching people to lean down extremely quickly, while completely enjoying the process and not having any hunger issues. Now interestingly enough, to achieve this level of “Aggressive Fat Loss”, I use absolutely no intense cardio or interval training. Why you ask? Because there’s simply no need. All interval training does…

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The Truth About Why You Can’t Gain Muscle

  In this post, I want to talk about the primary reason why people struggle to gain muscle. I often talk with guys that struggle to put on muscle, who claim to eat a ton of food, they claim to hit the gym religiously, they claim to take all the ‘right’ supplements. But when you get…

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Why Fitness Shouldn’t Be Your Primary Goal

  One of my most important and original posts to date! Fitness should not be your primary goal! Fitness should never be the focal point of your life. It may sound odd or downright weird that someone like me, who dedicates their life to working in the fitness industry, would tell you not to make fitness your number…

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The Best Macro Ratios For A Lean & Muscular Physique

  In this post, I want to talk about the best macronutrient ratios to promote a high functioning, lean and muscular physique. Now interestingly enough, in the fitness industry, the common theme is to single out and demonize fats or carbs. Yet, this completely overlooks the importance of both of these macronutrients in supporting health,…

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The Number One Key to Success in Fitness & Life

The Key to Success In this post, I want to talk about, what I consider to be, the number one key to success in fitness and life. Now what I find absolutely fascinating, is that we live in a time where all the information we need to achieve our goals, is available. No matter what…

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Best Foods to Stay Full & Satisfied on a Cut

Best Foods to Eat on a Cut In this video/podcast, I get down to brass tax explaining the best foods to promote a lean and chiseled physique! Now, if you’ve been following me for any length of time, you probably know that I’m a “numbers guy”… Achieving a great looking physique comes down to the…

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How to Create the Life You Want in Three Simple Steps

  In this post, I want to take a break from the fitness talk, and teach you my downright simple strategy to achieving exactly what you want in life. I’ve been using this strategy for as long as I can remember! It just came natural to me. I like to live my life with intense…

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