Facts on Women and Intermittent Fasting

women and fasting Whenever I talk to someone and ask them, “Of all the strategies I teach, what has been the most helpful?”… More than anything, people tell me it’s intermittent fasting. Doing intermittent fasting – and how to do it in the most enjoyable and effective way possible – absolutely transforms people’s lives! When people…

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Greek God Muscle Building – Interview with Greg O’Gallagher

Greek God Muscle Building Program In this podcast interview, I discuss how to build the body of a greek god! You can learn more about the Greek God Program here. Radu and I cover some great topics, including:  Why would you want to have an aesthetic physique The muscle groups that contribute the most to a…

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Reverse Dieting

Why Reverse Dieting is Unnecessary & What to Do Instead

  In this video/podcast, I talk about why reverse dieting is not necessary and the best approach to take once you reach your goal level of leanness. For those that aren’t aware, reverse dieting is a slow and calculated approach to gradually increasing your calories back up to maintenance, over several weeks once you finish…

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Lifestyle Advice for a Model Type Physique

Enjoy Life and Fitness In this video/podcast, I talk with my buddy Mike Vacanti of OnTheRegimen.com on how to have an incredible physique while enjoying life. In this episode you’ll learn:  The importance of eating foods you enjoy Focusing on hitting calories and macros Understanding the reason why you want to be in great shape The…

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How to Get Shit Done & Become Successful with Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews on Success In this video/podcast of epic proportions, I sit down with my buddy, Mike Matthews of muscleforlife.com to talk about how to get shit done and become successful. Mike has built a massive fitness website, authored multiple books and grew a seven figure supplement company called Legion (with integrity) in the span of…

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Gain Muscle Without Fat

Advanced Strategies to Gain Muscle Without Fat

Gain Muscle Without Fat In this video/podcast, you’ll learn how to gain muscle while maintaining sleek definition. Some people don’t think this is possible. Interestingly enough, I’ve had hundreds of men go through my programs who have gained muscle without adding any fat, and in some cases, while dropping fat. This was accomplished with intermittent…

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Why Cheat Days Are a Bad Idea & What to Do Instead

Why Cheat Days are Bad In this short video/podcast, you’ll learn why cheat days are a bad idea for achieving a great physique. As well, I’ll tell you what you should do instead. Some really important topics I address, include: Do cheat days really boost your metabolism Do prolonged low calories causes a drop in…

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strategies to maintain a low body fat

Key Strategies to Maintain a Low Body Fat Year Round

  In this podcast, we discuss how to maintain a low body fat year round. Specifically, you’ll learn: The benefits of being really lean Why Brad Pitt looked so good in Fight Club (and how you can too) Why it’s so hard to maintain a low body fat and what you can do about it…

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